Laurette, Carl Person, and Joe: Cannabis Cancer Cure

Christian Laurette phones in to Joe Friendly and Carl Person for discussion about Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oil cure for cancer and Rick’s situation in exile after …


  1. Get rid of those so called politicians who are using fear as a popular method to win votes. More people have been killed over petrochemical products like oil and diesel. Oil is a real and dangerous addiction.

  2. You must be kidding me. A British scientist and government advisor was fired for telling the truth. It is impossible to get addicted physically from Cannabis. Hop, the main ingredient from beer, is a direct family from the Marijuana plant. The working chemical THC is rather harmless. I am from the Netherlands and did some research myself. Also in Belgium a professor did intensive scientific research. The numbers also proof that legalizing cannabis drops the crime rates.

    Legalize cannabis !!!

  3. Christian Laurette said "brain cells being killed by Delta 9 THC", he meant to say "brain CANCER cells being killed by Delta 9 THC".
    Google … "SETH Group"

    Concerning Dr. McAllister from the SETH Group, Google … "McAllister Cannabidiol breast Cancer"

    Google … "Pubmed" Enter words "Cannabinoids Cancer" … 566 articles!

  4. What do Endocannabinoids Do?

    "Relax, eat, sleep, forget and protect"
    Dr. Di Marzo

    Physiological Systems & Conditions Affected by Endocannabinoids (a partial list)

    Appetite/feeding, Blood pressure, Cerebral blood flow, Digestive system, Emesis & nausea, Immune system, Inflammation, Memory, Mood, Movement, Neuroprotection, Pain, Reproduction & Stress
    Dr. Mechoulam

    You Tube … "Cannabinoid System in Neuroprotection, Raphael Mechoulam,PhD"

  5. For a list of cures look below my avatar & click on the first link under "Medical Marijuana Super Links".

    At the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs taught by Dr. Melamede, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry & the course is called "Endocannabinoids and Medical Marijuana Biology 408".

    Concerning Synthetic Marijuana …
    You Tube … "Problems with Synthetic Marijuana: An Expert's Perspective"

  6. "Medical Marijuana Inc. has purchased 20 acres of prime mountain valley property in Southern California intended to be used within strict Governmental guidelines as a research facility targeting Medical Cannabis strains specific to a wide range of Medical conditions."
    Source: mendonews wordpress

    Joe Friendly concerning mad cow disease.
    Google … "Professor Hermon Taylor Mad Cow Disease", for Alzheimer's Google "whfoods turmeric".

  7. Curious what Canadian New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Jack Layton thought about Marijuana in a election year.
    You Tube … "Jack Layton on Marijuana!"

    Concerning the war on drugs Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has spent 63.8 million dollars.

    Mean while the province of Ontario, Canada will be contributing 30 Million dollars over 5 years for a joint (not that kind) Stem Cell Cancer research project in California, USA.

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