1. "traveled to California" – this means that the carts were filled with fda approved oil since it was bought at a dispensary in ca and if they were cutting it, they would most likely mention it in the court hearing. Sure, they used the shittiest packaging possible, but the method they used to fill the carts was in good moral, since they atleast went to ca to purchase it, they clearly didnt want to harm anyone and were just in their bag

    edit: if they were being cut then smh

  2. These young men are not criminals, the real criminals are the ones selling alcohol and vape liquid companies who really are cigarettes companies disguised, putting proplene glycol in your liquid an agent if anti freeze.

  3. His lawyer gonna say, he's just selling marijuana, he isn't killing anyone or hurting anyone…. Hello!!!!! He is killing people, if he isn't responsible for any deaths already.. And he is hurting people..And he wasn't selling weed, he was selling the oil, with who knows what kind of poison in it! It's hard telling the true source of them jars..I want to see the lab results on this oil!! 💯 He had NO idea what he was out there selling people! For what? To make a buck, be rich for a couple years, then spend the next half his life behind bars? Was it worth it?? I think they should trace what's in his carts with ill people and see if there's any links.. There are a lot of people coming down with vape related lung illnesses all around WI esp, but with bulk like this, he was marking many states, not just his own.. They could've been causing all of that, in which he should be charged with more.. Leave this stuff to distilleries, where they know what they're doing, and quit trying to kill people to make money. 🤦 what has this world became..

  4. people dont realize they were prob a snapchat plug who sell in bulk/wholesale to local plugs all around the world (considering how many carts they had). With that being said theirs millions of snapchat sellers so there a spec in the entire scene of snapchat vendors. With that being said expect a LOT more raids like this one.

  5. You say the government needs to be overthrown no the government doesn't need to be overthrown the government needs to see what the fuck is going on with the THC that's what's killing kids
    And makeing people sick.

  6. And we have how many deaths from THC Cartridges? Ans the government attacks flavored vape juice??? Put legit businesses out of work and all told, 500 employees?And if Vit E is found in the distillation, maybe they will be charged with involuntary manslaughter. Legalise it in all 50 states!

  7. so they tested it and it was over 90% THC there's a war going on out there big tobacco and vaping big tobacco pumping all the bad cartridges out there and these gentlemen are simply giving people that highest grade cancer-killing agent out there she asked me these guys are heroes

  8. And God said, “See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food.” Cannabis, opium poppy, mushrooms….there is a war on consciousness, why? The government has zero business telling me what plants I can put into my body, the government has made themselves a false idol by replacing God. I serve the true God, not man.

  9. What kills me is they ban LEGAL products….do any of these yuppie fucking morons even think logically? Or do they just run on sjw tears and stolen tax money, gov. Needs to stay the fuck outta personal rights, such as my right to vape, if i wanna vape turpentine i should be allowed to its my fucking body. These kids are dumb enough to do it tgen let them die, its called natural selection and this world is over run with idiots on ssi as it is

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