Jordan Peterson Q&A on the legalization of marijuana/alcohol – July 19th 2018 – Toronto

Part of the Q&A during Jordan Petersons 12 Rules for life talk in Toronto, January 19th 2018 I will not post the entire talk, please go see him live at: …


  1. He is exactly correct right from the beginning. Alcohol is absolutely deadly for people like me and trying to convince people that marijuana is the real danger is tantamount to homicide. Alcohol is incredibly physically addictive in the worst of ways: it has destroyed my mother’s life and led her down a path no one can save her from.

  2. The problem is Everything he says is just an opinion. Unfortunately his opinion is wrong. His analysis is Off Because hes never lived in or around The culture that he speaks of. All the negatives To the war on drugs Would be magnified By not having The Laws He disagrees With.

  3. I'm all for legalization. I've smoked before, but I wouldn't do it again. It's simply not the thing for me. But on the other hand I've had friends and heard that others have much more postive experiences with it. And I'd be ignorant not to allow someone something because that thing isn't the right thing for me.

  4. I don't know why so many were clapping. Jordan is certainly not condoning the use of cannabis. Smoking weed goes against everything he stands for. Just the talk of so called legalizations has spiked underage use and traffic accidents.

    Most potheads are young white men between the ages of 15 & 25. Weed is extremely bad for people in this age group.

    Either way it will still be a crime to possess or grow over the limit. And highly illegal to sell without a licence, especially to minors. In Canada you can do time just for advertising weed.

    American cops will still be targeting natives and poor colonists for enslavement and sale to the thousands of private prison plantation camps you find spaced every 20 or 30 miles all across the nation.

  5. Cocaine doesn't make people violent? Uppers don't? Plenty of people have been attacked by people on these 'upper' drugs. Alcohol is only bad because of spirit alcohol. If you only had wine and beer and you were limited on how much you could purchase at one time I guarantee 'the violence' would reduce substantially and health consequences would diminish tremendously. Also this speech has absolutely zero depth on marijuana legalization. There are always consequences for 'self-medication' especially when there are no cultural boundaries to it just like with marijuana. And I'm pretty sure marijuana affects people who are susceptible to neurotic behavior and encourages isolation in those individuals who already struggle because of isolation.

  6. that's good jordan. when i was 18 i went in the army and i went to the canteen every night and at 21 i got out with terrible night mares they call ptsd and a drinking habit. so i was an alky but just thought i liked feelin good. i was a heavy drinker and ya don't feel good cause u have a hangover if your not drinkin. so about a year later a friend turned me onto pot. i quit drinking that night and never drank again but have smoked pot for 50 years. i'm 73 now. i don't have night mares. sleep good. after 50 years of (drug abuse) i am a multi millionaire, own 3 businesses, raised 2 families that i paid for, successful sports guy with many awards, have been told by my employees that i'm the best boss in the world. ( oh yea and my advice to being a boss is don't boss hahaha),
    life often isn't a bowl of cherries but dope can help ya get rid of the pits.
    the truth is dope being illegal is doing more harm than if it was legal. how fuckin stupid, insensitive, illogical and slugish is our political system. it's the best we've got. hahaha. good luck gare

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