Joining the Ranks of those who revealed & bestowed the Medical Truths & Paying highly for it

1991 in a Medical Library in the midst of digging deeper for more info-knowledge about every chapter of anatomy we were at. My Doctorates was in Radiology …


  1. as much as I wish I could go over my video's editing cleaning them up …I cannot achieve that. I have recently been placed on hospice & I just do not have the strength….it's just going to have to be good enough….I just can't do all that any more & haven't been able to for awhile now. I just read how many lives have been taken…supposedly "suicide" over revealing researching investigative journalism…..those who were pedophiled…those of us fighting to reveal it….evidence that proves it….so many diagnosis of death…"suicide". I've had so MANY ATTEMPTS ON MY LIFE I've literally thought of contacting Guinness book of world records to see if this is an acceptable subject …having all proof-records, data….no it's not an area that have. yes of course. So I ask for understanding & forgive me that it is not at the level it should be. Perhaps I might be gifted w/someone who could help me w/these video's…..perhaps. Much Love To You All…can find me on I will still continue sharing my medical knowledge especially what over the counter products that can make big life changing improvements w/health problems.

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