1. Stopped smoking weed 2 weeks ago,after smoking hard for 20 years,watched this for 10 mins now im rolling one,i love the shit,cant do anythink without a spliff rolled to do it with,cant sleep without it,cant think without it,i love the world and the people when im highly stoned
    Thank god for the weed

  2. I’m torn about the topic of marijuana. I was a former daily user. From age 14 to 25 I smoked everyday. Although I do agree it enhances many aspects of life, I came to a point where I felt that I needed to be able to enhance life without any outside tool. I felt I needed to be able to enhance life naturally from within. If I need a substance to keep calm, to enhance my musical creative, for recovery after workouts, etc., I feel too dependent on weed for a good life. I want to be able to achieve those things from within, independently, to develop true mental strength and fortitude.

  3. “If the words ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ don’t include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn’t worth the hemp it was written on.”
    PS: Despite Terence McKenn's some "cuckoo" ideas, he put this beautifully IMO

  4. It's all about power and the golden rule, whoever has the gold makes the rules. It started with a paper company, and now it's the pharmaceutical companies. There are places where it's illegal to collect rain water! It falls from the phucking sky! But it takes pennies from the water companies, and by extension, the chemical companies that make the cancer causing crap they put in the water! Rain! Clean, refreshing, life giving water from the SKY!

  5. Its always good, when you have a healthy mindset and meditate. P.s I swear its the sitting and stagnation of energy in the body that causes paranoia and misleading thought processes. Stay active, keep your body clean as well as your mind. Then spark one to some old cartoons or some very intelligent insight into the universe and come up with something that’ll improve mankind and or yourself.

  6. Smoked weed for about 10 years. The only thing I thought was negative was how easily I could feel good without actually doing anything productive. As I got higher in my profession, it was a setback. I had a hard time coming off it. But I'm on 112 days without weed today. Will I ever smoke again? Hell yes. The day I get a ripped body, buy my own house, get 3 masters degrees and earn at least a few million pounds.

  7. Big pharma have strangleholds on so many countries from the UK to the Philippines where corrupt politicians are paid to ban marijuana so you have to buy big pharmas drugs.

  8. Also it's people like you why weed looks like it's for dumb people I smoke and don't talk about it if there was more normal people about it it'd not be looked at so badly still be illegal but still

  9. it's so stupid to celebrate something that changes your brain's receptors. Ive abused weed for years and im talking from the heart when i say, dont try weed unless its really necessary. It truly makes you stupid and slow and makes you paranoid and bunch of other side effects, im not a hater just cause. I worshipped weed as the holy drug it is. its for sure the safest drug ive tested but its far from safe. If you have a mental disorder it can trigger it. Maybe not the first time but after being high 24/7 at some point, there is a breaking point.

  10. Who dont gove a shit about 39%more tax!!! Joe whatever you're smoking we fucking care. So basically, I buy an eighth for 50 and pay another fucking 20 bucks for tax!! Fuck that , bullshit. Anyone ok with outages taxes like this needs to think again. Already our money is misused all the time. We want to give the government even more than ever . For what!!!

  11. Dorian yates Is My Hero i'm Tellin ya,After and Between Prison Stints for Cultivation And The WaY I Train Whilst Blunted And Push My Endurance To The MAX,Aint Nothin Like Windin Down To Mr Yates N Yellin Preach Brutha Preach

  12. Why cant everyone have a sane truthful conversation about hemp and cannabis. You get haters that talk weed down and make it something for party's. EVEN ELON MUSK DID IT, brainwashing everywhere

  13. Save our country (and the world) from the people who own the world. Write in Andrew Yang. Later is too late.
    Our politics, and virtually all other problems, including everything discussed here, are all just distractions from the fact that "they" OWN US. The worse things get, the better they like it.
    UBI and democracy dollars is the ONLY way we can have a real voice in our politics.

  14. Smoking weed doesnt get you smarter,it makes you ignoring the reality.
    Be more aware of the truth,you cant be if you're stoned
    Its like sitting on a shirty toilet,but you have a joint and everything its ok

  15. Keep people distracted with highest job and economic growth record ever .lowest unemployment rate ever , exposing the corruption in the media and left wing politicians. Trump is the only president who is working for Americans. The only one .

  16. Satan worshippers ruined everything obviously technology suppression is their main tool hello wake up!!!!!!! Cancer cure is found all tech is already found it is just shelved because unending pain and suffering is more profitable!!!

  17. If anything shouts that it should be legal everywhere its the fact that we have fucking cb1 and cb2 receptors specifically for it in our body 😂🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

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