Joe Biden Shows How Out Of Touch He Is By Suggesting Marijuana A Gateway Drug

During a town hall in Las Vegas this weekend, Vice President Joe Biden said that he isn’t supporting the decriminalization of marijuana on a national level …


  1. My friend, you say, “out of touch with modern times…” but cannabis has only really been illegal for the last 82 years. From the looks of it most ancient peoples would call our politicians hypocrites for banning this blessed plant along with all the other plants.

    Thanks for telling the truth. Please help legalize coca leaf in the same way, by telling the truth. Coca is a fantastic energizer that could save and improve billions of people’s lives in the end.

  2. Hey guys, we need your support! Can you help us out?


    Let's stop fining people, giving them criminal records, locking them up, and seizing their personal property over a plant!

    Please take a moment to support US Federal Legalization of Cannabis and Hemp plants by signing our petition!

    Thank you for being a truthful voice for this plant.

  3. Joe Biden . . . the neo-liberal corporate capitalist who tells us marijuana is a gateway drug? Chill out Joe. . . . apparently you've smoked too much in your day and you're still hallucinating.

  4. The human mind, fully supported by your damn body, makes dopamine, endorphins, etc- you and everyone else are all chemical factories. Fact.
    Legalize everything to an extent. The only thing that keeps chems illicit is greed and the power of weapons that can be made and developed with said money. The money isn't even real! This world is a joke at times.
    Times like these. I know who I am. Biden seems a bit lost, and possibly greedy. Why you think wars are fought? Relics, resources, and egos. Resources include drug areas. Iraq was done with Afghanistan in mind. Cartels control the South American cocaine areas to a large extent. I am not judging, nor taking any side. Just stating facts that everyone should know.
    Legalize it all in reasonable amounts. Lower the wars and murders. People will still want more, or to stay off grid like. Profits would still be made. Take the fucking non violent offenders out of our fucked up "corrections" centers. They don't work as intended. Largest prison population on the planet & possibly all throughout time. Your tax dollars at work, people.
    A broken system of far outdated mandatory minimums. Look it up and educate yourself.

  5. And meanwhile kids are being drugged up and over medicated with Adderall, Ritalin, antidepressants, antipsychotics and so on. I was on Ritalin at the age of 5. That was my gateway drug.

  6. There is only one way that Biden would get my vote and that is if he is the only other option to Trump. He is largely responsible for mass incarceration of cannabis users and the fact that it is considered to be a schedule 1 drug. Screw him!

  7. I want marijuana legalized federally. I’m 73 and live in a federally funded apartment senior facility and medical marijuana isn’t legal for seniors who live in these facilities, not even if they are in great pain.

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