1. “Pots bad” “pot should be illegal” “pot makes you stupid” “I don’t want my kids getting into that pot stuff and failing in school!” STFU it’s a plant God created, God literally made it for us, it’s a sin to think it should be illegal, that why there’s so many Tsunamis and shit, like judgement day is coming because Gods mad that it’s illegal.

  2. Smoking Harlequin from Chalice Farms in Oregon while watching this vid! People need to open their eyes about Biden soon. Really curious how Iowa is gonna turn out.

  3. Further study would require taking it off schedule 1, which doesn't allow research.

    Also, no studies are needed. Proof is in the pudding.

    The only "gateway" is the individual opening the gate…to hard drugs…which are legal…and deadly…unlike cannabis.

  4. My Canadian friend said legalizing weed made it way more expensive. Can anyone that knows more on this issue tell me if this is based in fact or not? I’m totally ignorant of the topic.

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