Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Stoner from Michigan

Marijuana is now legal in Michigan and in the town of Niles, people were lined up to get it. One of the patrons was a young man named Fredrick Miller, who we …


  1. If your dispensary sells edibles it would help if the instructions on how to eat them. There are too many things that you only take a small bite. But apparently these people aren’t getting the info and are eating whole brownies, cookies, muffins, etc. They have such an awful experience they don’t want to do it anymore. That’s bad for business! Assume each customer is a first time costumer and take the time to explain everything to him. They can then have a much more enjoyable experience. Thanks for allowing me to throw that idea to you.

  2. If this isn't proof that marijuana is harmles and should be legal worldwide, I don't know anymore.

    Just imagine if every person on the planet was like this guy, and angry/racist people were the ones that're rare and looked down on, instead of them making all the rules.

    We'd actually have a planet worth living on.

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