Jehovah's Witnesses: Murder Vs. Marijuana Watchtower Service Department Part Two

Former Jehovah’s Witness elder/bethelite is discussing his own personal experience about what he knows about the practices and policies of the Watchtower, …


  1. JT thanks. Been in most of my life,MS almost elder before getting D’fed. This right here, especially your reasoning at the end, hits me hard. Really hurts you know what I mean. How can something I’ve done and thought was so right for so long be so wrong? Literally I have tears streaming. Waking up is hard, but necessary and liberating

  2. I was once told that JW was a CIA mind control cyop experiment. It wasnt until 1990 when Bush 1 started talking about "the new world order" I started to believe. Today for the first time i visited
    j it felt like i was being sucked into a deep inescapable hole. I plan never to go there again. MK ultra

  3. FBI investigation Governing Body members, Overseers, Elders, Ministerial service and all suspect who are involved in these acts need jail time. But if not Jehovah has a better plan because they slandered his name for profit. Like stock in Lockheed Martin who makes war equipment, monsters drink, stock in most entertainment companies, and was affiliated with the United Nation, over 24,000 pedephiles in the JW org, and much more. they use Henrietta M Riley's name to by stock because she had stock and died. that's who name they are hiding behind to by stock. JWs in Bethel especially the Governing Body knows it a fraud. Four part to Jehovah's Witness org.  1. Religion  2. Real Estate  3.Criminal  4. Watchtower book selling.  Most of the profit comes from Real Estate flipping Kingdom Halls for pr0fit. and all of the stock that they have. The 8 million JWs that they have are in 3rd world countries. Listen in 1987 it was 660,ooo witness in us. Now it's only 1.4 million now the rest in Countries like Africa, and other countries were  It is easy to sell a poor man a dream. And the Governing Body is now the mediator between Jehovah and man as of the year 2000. For a while there was no GB in the 90s. this religion is discusting. They r calling for kids ice cream money.

  4. This is crazy. Wonder if the Governing body would feel same if it were their family member which had been murdered…..?
    Oh, and keep murder confidential but one joint marijuana call the judicial committee?
    Absolutely ridiculous!

  5. I immediately thought of the whole Catholicism and confession thoughts you expressed. I also took note of how the letter phrasing where it said we're assuming…….. etc……. It's like a very sly mind control tactic like they are planting the thought in the elders heads to switch their focus. Because they would have to be complete idiots to actually believe that the marijuana and not the murders were what was hot on the minds of the elders. My brother and my father are elders and they both be deeply troubled about "confidential congregation matters" gee I can see why now.

  6. Wait, so murderers don’t have to worry about a thing in Watchtower except not carrying mics?

    They didn’t know about this before he was baptized? They never read Deut 5:17 or Matt 5:21 or 1Tim 1:9?

    Does his wife know? If not, they won’t tell her either!

    How many gatherings is he invited to? Hmmmm
    Say he knocks on my door and I agree to a bible study. Now a murderer is in my home and I have no idea!

    Well, I guess he decided to put the past behind him…literally. His conscious is clean. 🥺

    And now prescription marijuana is okay so this guy is winning all over the place.

    Lord have mercy.

  7. My husband and I have really enjoyed your channel and now that my mil has left Watchtower after some 40+ years and at age 71 she enjoys it right alongside us! Thank you for keepin on keepin on you two. 👍🏻👍🏻🐞

  8. Jt.. I'm so inspired by you and Lady C's channel.. I've "faded" 3 yrs ago and was questioning whether to return.. No way!! I find your videos so upbringing and would love to share my story. I came into the "truth" at 19.. Wasn't raised a JW but studied with my middle school teacher.. Omg.. I can't even comprehend anymore

  9. This is why it is so wrong, not just this murderer, but also pedophilia, worrying about recidivism vs. keeping confidentiality. They need to hold the decision to tell or not tell "for the greater good."

  10. It almost beggars belief that they can act in this manner. There is absolutely no consciences operating in this organization. whatsoever. No common sense either by the looks of it.

  11. OMG!!!! Hammer those WT goons! WT hypocrisy and dishonesty is legendary and pervasive. WT needs to be exposed at every opportunity. Thank you, JT, for your exemplary work.

  12. I'm picking my jaw up from the floor! But I'm not surprised. In addition, my personal opinion is : I'd be extremely concerned abt a so called brother formerly committing murder but I wouldn't give a rat's ass about someone smoking a joint. WTBTS are idiots. Don't know how I missed this video! Thanks for your hard work and yes, people need to use their minds to do much critical thinking.

  13. Why is that cult is not banned yet? Why does continue to enjoy charitable organisation status, tax relief and whole load of other concessions all around the world. ? To many cases and so much evidence, their atrocities to continue taking place . . . . . and the authorities doing nothing?

  14. I see nothing wrong with this. The society is keeping this man safe and it was his past. What he did in the past is not who he is now. Jehovah is the ultimate judge. He will ensure proper justice is met. Who are we to decide that? If Jehovah wants this man to he imprisoned. Jehovah will make it happen. I think the witnesses handled this case well.

  15. PRISON is NOT "justice" It only makes things worse for everyone. What they did before baptism is in the past and they clearly proved they were sorry by their actions being a good Christian (in their mind ) and repenting by never doing the murders again.

    If someone killed my child I would not want prison for that person because I know prison makes so called "criminals" (quotes because I don't agree with how our gov. Is run and our laws so just because someone says something is a "crime" becauss they said so,doesn't make it so ) WORSE people in society not better ! Why would you want them to go live in cage all their like and do nothing with their life or not contribute in any good way for the benefit of others when they can re pay their debt to the person they murdered by showing by example that they cqn be a changed good person? Oh right , because you all think "justice" is throwing a person in a CAGE and becoming wasted space (or even worse be murdered themselves by lethal injection,or capitol punishment) . I say what is better than bring caged is give them a chwnce to show they they are sorry first by changing their entire lifestyle and living righteous in Gods eyes by being a kind peaceful person. If this person was doing just that then I fully agree he did not need to be ratted out on and thrown in a cage to never xontribute to anyone in any way. He can't contribute to society ,hid pen family,not even the people he hurt. Nothing. That is NOT justice for him and it is not "justice" for someone who he murdered (assuming the person didn't deserve it ) . I eill say it again, if it were my child murdered I would RATHER see that person change their life,mentally hesl an become a better person by never doing it again than thrm be thrown in a cage. So by all of you ranting about this person needing to habe the "authorities" called on them, you would be doing a huge disservice to ME had that murder been MY child be a use I don't agree with it. So now its not a vote that everyone agrees with. Maybe the JW org. Knows how corrupt the gov is and they know throwing ppl in prosin for PAST offenses do not fix anything at all. Prison is a scam and does no one good ! It is hurting those who hurt others. It is making 1 wrong two wrongs. Two wrongs don't make 1 right. Therfore you all hittingvthose likes and acting disgusted are stupid to not see that.

  16. I can sum it up really very simple "Service Dept. The Society is a Secret Society within the organization of Jehovah Witnesses" Every Government and Major Corporation has a " Secret Society or Societies so when I stop and think about it, it is to be expected "The Core Membership" of any large organization!

  17. can you imagine the victims families of these murder victims and the detectives getting so frustrated to get clues to solve these cases and yet these morons know all this info and they put it all under the rug…disgraceful !

  18. The ink they use to make tatoos could actually be use for such a situation uf they are truly following the bible this is not to be hidden or taken lightly its a serious matter also scarey

  19. Maybe they are fasinated wirh ones like that to have such a mind to determine when a person time is up i think its curiosity and they want to understand that kind of thinking or mind to take a person to go there thats scary in the bible it speaks about a murderer and how they should be branded they way whereever he goes noone is to take his life yet it should me made known to others if they want to be involve with such a person then that their choice it should be made known because its a scary situation and yes they now keep the doors lock now

  20. I was told to write a letter and that it was sent to one of their Branch Office and i would be contacted they always told me to listen to the music while on the phone and then hangup i couldnt understand the reason for that so when they directed there i felt they believe me they are to turn it over to who it belong when he is to arrive it all belong to JESUS and yet you say it belong to you

  21. Under your talk it saying MURDER VERSES WEED. They was suppose to have contacted me and when they was moving the brother said later there wiuld have been nothing for them to have layed down their lives for their brothers and yet they never contacted me sometimes i think it was what i said however it was the truth that brother was shaking in his boots like he was caught doing wrong and he realized it and have every reason maybe you can explain the difference betwwen the two

  22. exJWCritacal Thinker: i was a baptized witness on and off for 40 years, i remember telling my friends that if it came down to murder or committing fornication that it would be treated worse than if you killed someone…ive always known that because i have 2 eyes and a brain…the worst thing you could do as a teenager was have sex, i was put on ''probation'' several X in my youth for doing exactly that; i don't know why i readily accepted the elders idiosyncratic ruling but i did
    im now past 65 and was put out again 10 years ago for taking up smoking again…i now wish i had appealed
    you see, im not complaining of my lot and id love to go back…but im too tired, i have several handicaps now, one being the ministry would prob be out of reach bcuz of my disabilities…i lost my ex 2 years ago, he had been disfellowshipped for drinking years earlier, when he died i lost my best friend
    do you have any advice?

  23. A framework of unwritten laws and rules is the untempered mortar that this WHITEWASHED TOWER is made of. When the inspector comes to give this cult an approval or violation notice who will be included in the penalty? "G.T.W.O.M.S"!

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