1. The problem is a person may just start then you realize hey I need
    something more and stronger and end up addicted to weed. As Christians,
    just be wise, you don't always need a 700 CLUB answer but a God answer.
    Just remember SATAN is always lurking about, SEEKING who he may
    devour. 1 Peter 5:8. They will legalize it all, but does that make it
    right with God? Nope.

  2. CBD a sin? come on… CBD is a natural molecule coming from a plant ( created from God?) and it has been used from thousands of years from Egyptians to Chinese and even to America… It has no side effects and it is free! it grows! God wouldn't want us to fight for healing i guess… The real sin is the Pharmaceutical companies overselling actual drugs with side effects, and mostly addictive.

    CBD helped my wife and I for anxiety and depression, pain and actual addiction. The real sin is money involved in meds and the actual end of opioids thanks the Cannabis (THC is also helpull).
    The real sin is the mess about CBD exportation and exportation, I am in Europe and can try any of USA companies. I can get mine trough Plantandhemp that give us low price and deliver anywhere.
    the road is long and the fight is worth! God will help us!

    Have a bless day everyone <3

  3. Amen !! Thank you Pat Robertson !! Why would anyone think it would send you to hell? Anymore than prescription medication ?? Come on people!! That’s about as bad as the people who take any and all kind of pills, but think that a glass of wine at bedtime would send you to hell!! Anyway: some people will take all kinds of pills but wouldn’t drink a glass of wine because they think drinking will send them to hell !!! 🙌✝️🙌

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