1. Shane, I'm smoking shatter as I'm watching this, I happen to have a high tolerance for THC, my Nick name is Towely, I can't learn submissions high, I have such bad cardio, that I suffer through training, i sweat profusely, I throw up after Intense workouts, I'm using martial arts as an escape from this life, it has brought me joy, but has ruined my life, a stoners life is over when they run "DRY" of weed, I've gone to extreme measures to obtain it.. it's a no go, we need to be cardio machines with clarity, that's my honest opinion!!

  2. I smoke weed, take Dabs (concentrated THC) its usually a daily thing unless I don't make it in time for happy hour at the dispo ($13 grams of consontrates) for me anyway I seem to keep up with my sensei when we do any sort of cardio and Im still getting more stamina, I would totally come to class high but my sensei HATES marijuana, he is from Japan and Japan is not so fond of cannabis, when I train with my buddies when Im high though it just seems way more fun to do high than sober, in all honesty I see no harm whatsoever training and smoking weed, alcohol on the other hand responds to me wayy dofferent, I dont know how the hell people can become alchoholics its just not something I can handle every day lol and probably a good thing, still though I do love my Whiskey.

  3. It’s all in your head guys.. if you think it’s gonna have an effect negatively, than it will be. Each to their own.. I smoke but I make work on my cardio like a mad man. What ever works for you as a fighter I guess. Love and peace fellow fighters.

  4. When I smoke a good Sativa pre training I’m way more focused and don’t tense up sparring. It seems like I don’t gas out either but idk if that’s placebo or a legit side effect lol. I’m also certain it effects everyone differently.

  5. Hey Shane bluelegends here I remember hearing a pastor talk about this a long time ago I remember he told us about rehab centers for this stuff (and their might still be) and people would use the term "getting clean" and this pastor told us it wouldn't be called "getting clean" if you weren't in some ways playing in the dirt also still catching up I've been watching your channel since your first vids and now I'm in the vids you made 3 years ago God bless you Shane praying for you p.s. plz note that I am a mellinial I was raised very diligently against this stuff

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