1. As a weed smoker I agree with some of your points. I think it really is just about balance. If your doing nothing all day and have not gotten anything done. Then you need to put the weed down.

    I smoke at night after my business is done. With. People need to stop. Making shit up about weed. Just to justify smoking it. I smoke weed cuz it feels good and makes things better. That's it.

    Like anything balance is in order.
    (But if weed really make you feminine then i gotta put the blunt down)

  2. A lot of people smoke weed because it stimulates your mind. It makes music sound better, food taste better, even sex better. There are chemicals that's beneficial to your health in it. People just shouldn't smoke 12 blunts a day like real weed heads do.

  3. I never liked weed I don’t no why but I say it’s definitely not healthy that smell is horrible as well it’s just to risky all it takes is one puff of a bad batch are some idiot experimenting that laced it with something then it ain’t no coming back for you I’ll pass

  4. To add on that weed folk be smoking these days is not even real weed,which is real herbs.Not that synthetic laced with all types of fucery they be having out here.Also Dr.Afrika was right.Chit should be boiled and chit to make tea out of and such not to smoke cause once it is smoked whatever benefits it had for you is gone nigga.

  5. I agree and disagree with your points based on health risks of marijuana I'm 16 and grow legally medical marijuana for me and my mother I of course want to work in the legal industry so I have done countless hours of research on growing as well as the benefits and effects of marijuana. I agree that smoking anything is not healthy for you that is a given your lungs are supposed to be used for oxygen. But you fail to take into account for example concentrates like dabs they are a concentrated forms studiesof cannabinoids like the and cbd that get you more high/medicated but are actually very safe for your lungs because you do not burn plant materials while in its concentrated form. Now my only issue I see here with your argument against smoking the bus of the marijuana is that their are no proven studies that show marijuana smoke bud or concentrate causes any type of long term lung issues such as lung cancer or asthma these and many other lung conditions have not been proven to be effected by marijuana smoke. Now I will say if you already have lung cancer for examples inhaling smoke may not be the option for you due to having weakened lungs. But the other methods of consumption can be just as beneficial. Though each person has different needs for marijuana and different forms comes with different effects for all people including dosage. I must say I think that doctor and your point of view is biased. You say smoking is bad which I do agree but you don't take into account the fact that their have been non government funded studies showing the benefits of even inhaling marijuana through combustion. In Israel a studies showed 91 percent tumor reduction with rats inhaling cbd smoke equivalent to I believe 4 joints per day. I like how professional you are about the topic but more research really is necessary you should look up the studies!

  6. This is why I never got into smoking or drinking anything. To many damn problems. And it literally does nothing for you. We already know the Gov is putting stuff in our food, what makes you think they aren't doing the same with these drugs that they allow you to use.

    ZeZe be blessed girl. You made the right decision on stopping

  7. Hella weed smokers that know alil bit about the bible be like "God gave us dominion over the earth and it's resources. Ain't that in the Bible."

    And I be like he also gave us common sense too, but you wouldn't know anything about that now would you

  8. Good Evening Beautiful Queen …. Marijuana pep some people up and they have to have it and if they run out of there Marijuana they get a bad attitude with some people and you have the ones that smoke marijuana get lazy and don't want work or clean up the house or do anything an if they run out and he or she is going out hunting for some marijuana to smoke off of someone else and start going through some changes when he or she don't have any…. Another thing to a person need to be careful who they get it from because these days they spray all types of different chemical on the marijuana to make it stronger and people get addicted to it if they been smoking it for some times and mess there head up and that is according to how strong his or her well power is.

  9. Nice one Zeze, and what's going on! How are you doing? : )
    I don't smoke anything. But sometimes I smell it from other people, and it smells totally different now from 20 years ago. So I guess it's all the mess that's in it you talked about.
    Do you know if the edibles are any safer?

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