Is Canada underprepared for pot? | Power & Politics

Police in Canada aren’t as prepared as they’d hoped before pot legalization with half as many officers trained to spot drug-impaired driving as planned.


  1. There is no such thing as " a problem with people driving while high on pot" Everyone I know, have been driving and smoking pot , everyday, since 1974. No one has ever been involved in an auto incident, due to smoking pot …..ever.. if anything , high on pot makes a person drive much better. when will people finally realize… smoking.pot is not a bad thing, in anyway whatsoever…….chill out…what the problem is really>>>> drunks.. leagalize pot…outlaw drunks…

  2. Most seasoned pot smokers drive more carefully when 'high'. I smoke weed and play computer games all the time, my performance doesn't degrade just because I had a couple of cones. It is, ofc, a VERY different story if I have a big break of a month or more without weed though. If I have some then, in that very particular state I'm DEFINITELY not fit to drive, that's easy to admit. But under normal smoking circumstances, I'm better at most things when I'm kinda buzzing, not too high, but halfway. Darts, pool, chess, driving games, shooting games, strategy games. WAU better at art like drawing and sculpting, both on PC and physical media. The list goes on.
    All these things I am better at if I have a cone or two just to help relax a bit, I can just concentrate better that way.

    Again, this is all %100 contingent on my usage frequency. If I have it relatively frequently, it provides a utilitarian benefit indefinitely. BUT IF I smoke it after that break… It absolutely WRECKS me, and I admittedly can't do anything but giggle at shit.
    I can understand these sort of factors would be practically impossible to police though.

  3. Yes, we are ready. All systems take time and require an evolution of process. The people who think that it’s happening too fast are just plain against it or they don’t like the way the government has decided to use the revenues. The people who are pro-marijuana have their own issues especially if they’re private grow operations. But, when alcohol became legal it took time and not everybody liked it and eventually here we are. Society balances a liquor commission and home brew kits/microbreweries/private wineries.
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  4. The governments pot website to order is the worst design I have ever seen. A ten year old kid could of done a better job on designing website. The people that made the site must of smoked pot making it…lol

  5. these test are all bs and have failed many non high people based on police officers opinion and if they bring them back to the station even if a fellow officer dosent agree they cant say anything and turn against there buddy. propaganda.

  6. Hello can I see your driver's license and registration and your Visine for your red eye do you always eat for Whoppers two Big Macs and a bunch of Munchies or on your seat I've been in training have you been smoking wacky tobaccy sir I pulled you over because you're driving upside down your hands are supposed to go on the steering wheel instead of your feet but I took special training I'm just going to leave you with a warning today

  7. instead our shitbag government puts up safe injection sites for people to inject more fentynal instead of detox facilities and counseling.
    nice work Trudeau you little pimple headed puke.

  8. For the media and the ill-informed compared to alcohol, cigarettes or what the pill pushing doctors (pharmaceutical puppets) prescribe such as Oxycontin and others, pot is virtually harmless, there are people out there who have smoked it for more than 60 years with no ill effects what so ever.

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