Interview With Rick Simpson In Brantford Ontario August 14 /2012 (CANNABIS OIL)

The Canadian Awareness Network and Grasshopper Media catch up with Rick Simpson in Brantford Ontario to speak with him about his new book and of …


  1. Theyve allowed millions t die whilst they have made $$$ frm pumping us with chemicals they KNOW wnt work FACT CHEMOTHEROPY KILLS MORE THN IT SAVES but they advise you to take it with cancer n such…… Google it its all there …..hemp oil is s cure oil tht cures 90% of diseases and when ya not sick just little rice size portions a few times a day keeps ya happy n healthy and thus no high just feel gud factor….. RICK SIMPSONS OIL is probly going t save millions of peoples lifes over thu years

  2. This guy should be a worldwide hero……. How much proof do the people need, its medicine NOT A DRUG!!!! The uk is starting to catch on and the world will learn that the powers that be have new about this for over ten years…TEN YEARS people our goverment scientists in the uk cured a woman of skin cancer in 2002 FACT…google it….. Nt 1 report in news or any reports from goverment and why do nothing when they have just proved themselves it works….they have probly allowed millions t suffer.

  3. Exodus 30 the holy anointing oil ..Jesus gave to moses the recipe to be handed down from generation to generation the Holy anointing oil … all healing oil originally only meant for the high priests

  4. To all the anti-cannabis "Christians" out there–"The Lord hath created medicines out of the Earth and he that is wise shall not reject them"–Ecclesiasticus 38:4 (King James Bible-apocrypha) CANNABIS OIL CURES CANCER!! Every unbiased research study done has confirmed that not only does cannabis oil treat the symptoms and alleviates pain, IT CURES CANCER!! Spread the word–THERE IS A CURE FOR CANCER!! PEACE!!

  5. @ Anthony Life's a trip:
    I am from Brantford and am looking to discuss a matter personally.
    I am totally in support of Rick and your video.
    Looking for help. Could you post here how I can get in contact with you?
    Are you from Brantford as well?

  6. Bobbyis4Jesus:Addiction????Do you have any Proof of said claim?I highly doupt it…..But the floor is yours inlighten us all…Stop the disinformation please only truth will do..Back to the church bible thumper time to hide and practice your lies..Thanks Rick

  7. If you dont want to get the high from ingesting the oil then take less, your not supposed to take it in large doses , your supposed to take a pea sized amount(an amount not enough to get you high) every day for an X amount of days depending on your illness.
    when you take it you should be able to go on with your day and not even feel it.

  8. Marijuana is not addictive! i have been smoking for 9years and in no way or form am i addicted to it…. ad·dict·ed /// Physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance, and unable to stop taking it without incurring adverse effects.

    I could stop TODAY and it would not effect me.
    I still smoke because I CHOOSE TO, Not because I HAVE TO.

  9. Yeah right Ready2Revolt2Day, how about taking a look at the comments below. They're ready 2 use it on little kids. How does that tickle your fancy??? If they can put it in medicine and take out the high, which they can do, no problem. It's the getting high and the addiction that will get you in trouble, Eternal trouble.

  10. "We suggest Cannabinoid treatment for children or young adults with cystic fibrosis an improvement of their health condition including improved food intake and reduced inflammatory exacerbations"
    PMID: 15159678
    "Further observations suggest that children may be less prone to psychoactive side effects of Delta 9 THC / endocannabinoids than adults. Medical implications of these novel developments are far reaching and suggest a PROMISING future for Cannabinoids in pediatric medicine"
    PMID: 15464041

    "Mammal's make Endocannabinoids in mothers milk, one of the first things you do is give your infant a little bit of a buzz so they can relax from the childbirth trauma. Take a little bit of Cannabis mellow out and by the way it will make you hungry so you can keep eating it. An infant at feeding is all happy suckling away and then they mellow out and go to sleep. Maybe we should arrest all women giving kids psychoactive Cannabinoids!, for having paraphernalia!"
    Dr. Melamede

  12. There is no such thing as hell so go try spreading your fake gods fear tactics somewhere else! Your god is so humane right?? Then why would he use fear to control? Using the same tactics as the so-called devil hahaha you make me laugh. What….has it never heard of nurture and support??

  13. and how can you be for jesus and say """Using drugs=burning in hell 4ever!!"""" and not think that you will be going to hell for saying such a thing???

    Thou Shalt Not Judge !

  14. weed is not a drug, its mother earths beautiful plant put here for the human race to use, there are 100s of othere thing pot can be used for other then smokeing, ,medical benefits, food for animals personal hygiene(soap shampoo bath gels ECT.) industrial products(oil paints varnishes fule ECT) building materials(cement insulation fiberborad ECT.) Paper, printing paper cardborad/packaging ECT) industrial textiles(twine ropes nets tarps ECT.) consumer textiles(diapers fine fabrics shoes handbags)

  15. So happy I subbed awhile back – this is one of the most important videos of the day – now this needs to be seen on the tv.
    So good to see you on these latest vids, Mr. Simpson… talk about "The Greatest Canadian"..
    Tommy we knew you'd find Rick soon enough– both smart fellows
    All the best everyone!

  16. June 10, "I (Tommy Chong) have Prostate Cancer I'm using Hemp Oil to get rid of it. I watched the video RUN FROM THE CURE by Rick Simpson it documents how he cured his Melanoma Cancer using Hemp Oil"
    July 12, "I (TC) Got my blood test results back, Hemp Oil is working! PSA DOWN to 2 (below 4 is normal) yes"
    July 15, "Did I (TC) mention I am 99% CANCER FREE? Thanks to my medication Hemp Oil"
    August 11, "Rick Simpson talked to Tommy Chong their doing an article for High Times together"
    Dr. Sweeney

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