1. Hi. It would be better use of split coil to volume or to tone? Maybe having the split on tone knob will helps to use better the volume knob without accidentally push the botton down. I have to decide for my guirar….

  2. I dnt knw how but I think I managed to get wat I needed out of it so ta and the lil bits u did added a bit of funnyness to it so half a thumbs up? Lol I dnt hav any vids so and they wouldn't b as goood as that one.

  3. I did this. Didn't really see a use for it being split. Just a quieter version of the same, with a little hum. I have 2 guitars. 1 with a humbucker, and 1 with P90. If you could split the humbucker and get a P90 sound THAT would be useful. But splitting it don't seem any different then just turning down the volume a bit. Unless you just love the hum.

  4. I bend what you are calling the "third tine" down and solder it to the pot body. Simple and usually no need for any wire at all on that "third tine". The ground lug of the switch can also be bent back against the body of the switch and soldered. It makes for an overall much simpler and neater install.

  5. This is a good simple video…..good job….just one question. I want to split the bridge and neck at the same time with the volume push pull pot. (it's a 5 way switch fender strat) Just connect the Red white from both pickups to the middle lug? Then connect the ground green /bare of both pickups to back of pot…..and black from both pickups to 1st lug on pot? Basically just connect both picks ups exactly the same way to the volume pot.
    The other thing is you split the coil but something from the pickup needs to go to the 5 way switch.

  6. I got a Seymour Duncan installed in the bridge of my Schecter with coil split. When I got it back, this was inverted on the new pickup. So humbucker mode on the bridge is single coil on the neck. How can I fix this? I have no experience and am soon to replace my neck pickup and don’t have the cash to pay for someone to do it.

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