Inhaling the New WORLD'S HOTTEST PEPPER- TrInIdAd ScOrPiOn 7- PoT BrAiN StRaIn

Apparently the Naga Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chili) is mere chump change to the Trinidad Scorpion 7. I was challenged to eat this pepper and since I am a …


  1. Ellie Beast I do not want to see you here anymore on Halloween I was so proud of you until you sat there and explain to all of us you didn't want to see us no more you didn't want us around anymore you told us to f*** off you told us that we're all a bunch of f**** scums at us and told us you didn't need us anymore after how many years I've been with you and heard this from you I thought it was pretty low selfish and criticism if you drink that much you need help that was a cry for help on Halloween night you are asking us for money on National YouTube and saying we should pay you so you can go and buy more liquor and cursing and swearing at a seizure eating a small Pumpkin that was pretty selfish of you pretty immature of yourself you need help badly you better start checking yourself into rehab and straighten yourself out you drinking you're destroying your brain cells your liver your kidney or spleen and your attitude as well always an alcoholic will deny that he doesn't need any help would probably also turn around tell us not to interfere with his lifestyle after he brought it towards us as he sat there and became very immature as she was drinking alcohol just wolfing it down come on national TV Nashville YouTube and cursing and swearing at us telling us the f*** off you son of a b** and all sorts of things get lost you're a loser you're an alcoholic and I do not attend to want to sit here and watching and alcohol destroy himself I would suggest you again to get some help in the meantime I'm going to wait a couple years before I come back and see you and I hope by then you're straightened out you're just killing yourself kid you're stupid you're stuck on stupid there's another Guinness Book World Record drink there for an idiot being on YouTube get some help and goodbye I don't associate round alcoholic and I certainly don't want to see one this is a message for you to get help Okay Kevin until then goodbye I don't need to see an alcoholic waste his life

  2. I ate a Carolina reaper one time and I took it like a champ I didnt even drink afterwords or Eat ice I couldnt believe I pulled it off I was so fucking proud of myself but it sure burn my ass and it hurt like hell does shit and it fucked my stomach up Bad Brow goddamn you just dont know塔塔塔塔

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