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It’s the eternal stoner debate: indica or sativa. For generations we’ve associated indicas with couchlocked sedation, and sativas with uplifting effects, leaving …


  1. The doctor quoted in the video backs up what I've believed since I started growing, harvest early when the resin is clearer for a "sativa" high or wait for it to turn amber for an "indica" buzz.

  2. Government control of canabis via science/technology has begun. Soon you will have to grow within a set parameter of terpenes/cannabinoids or your grow will be trashed and you will be levied with fines!

  3. there is a way different effect of sativa vs. indica you should take polls of smokers who smoke the different types the effects are different on sativa head high or head change and indica a nice whole body high

  4. I've been smoking weed for almost 50 years and almost everyday since the mid 80's…Sativa energizes you while Indica does the opposite after it's SHORT initial buzz dissipates.

    …of course in the old days you took what you could get…but given a choice I would never buy Indica…BECAUSE IT"S DOWNER STUFF…I wanna get HIGH not low.

    Also Indica (bushweed) should only be a fraction of the price of REAL WEED (sativa).

    Anyone saying there's no difference doesn't know what they are talking about or has an over supply of Indica they're trying to get rid of.

    There is no debate, there's only those who know what's what and those who don't.

    ps… And remember folks a lot of today's scientists medical and otherwise = BULLSHIT artists…as ethics seem to now be a thing of the past.
    (they find what they want to find and ignore what they don't want to find.)

  5. Weed is now like Wine. Its good to keep several bottles on hand for company. Reds, whites, Roses, Cabernet, etc. So, keep some Hybrids, Sativas, Indicas and a little Nitrous, a little Extacy too! and some Shrooms too!

  6. I get the effects that are supposed to be one or the other that bounce back and forth from one of the other so I never believed Indica vs. sativa. I always assumed that probably had way more to do with THC content and other components

  7. I'm smoking a super lemon haze ( sativa dominant hybrid of silver haze and lemon skunk ) joint right now as i type and it's awesome stuff. I usually go for the ' dawg' indica dominant strains ( cookie dawg, purple dawg etc) but i'm enjoying this lemon haze so much i might start getting the haze strains more often.

  8. ok this video is right however… sativas take alot longer to flower to completion so as we learned with things like wine n cheese age counts for something. i expect science might not be able to see the difference n this video didnt even mention the norths ruderalis(sp?) they are all aboout location perhaps n sativas just survived tropics best fort that reason alone. someone do a study on it. thanx

  9. I live in the US state of Maryland and we now have legal medical weed dispensaries that you can obtain with your medical cannabis card. I now have access to all types of cannabis–including virtually all retail flowers of sativas, indicas, vapes, edibles, and even hash. The dispensaries here are like luxury boutiques with amazing decor, furniture and display cases. So far, the best positive responses I get from sativas are a great high that is absolutely fun, a tremendous sex crave and drive with mind blowing orgasms (!), incredible clarity to music, creative thoughts, a feeling of relaxion, calm, euphoria and then a fantastic nights sleep feeling thoroughly rested the next day with high levels of productivity at work. I have yet to try an indica strain as I am new to cannabis as a buyer. I only used to smoke it on rare occasions when others had some at parties and such. I got a medical marijuana card to help with the depression and post traumatic stress of loosing my much beloved mom in a car accident 5-years ago. I also use for my chronic back pain that has now been virtually eliminated with cannabis! I am so happy that this magnificent plant is becoming legal in the US slowly.

  10. Yeah it makes u think about it…. But I think indicas are more beneficial because of the cbd…. And sativas are for more of a creative euphoria…. Both i love and wouldnt wanna put one of a pedestal over the other…. Thats why they make hybrids…. Keep up the great work….

  11. each time i had indica (most popular in our region) i always wanted to sleep / lay down and do nothing, sometimes i felt like i am lazy to even breath, i hate that feeling. Once I got sativa but i did not know it was it, i did not even know there are different types of weed. I was happy, i had energy to stay up all night with my friends, i felt relaxed, the next day i got perfect sleep, felt still relaxed and happy (only from 5 puffs). So I tried both types again, and the results were the same. I hate indica, love sativa.

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