Impact of Cannabis Legalisation

Got 2 minutes to spare? Learn what really happens when cannabis (or pot, or marijuana, or weed, whatever you call it) becomes legal in the neighbourhood.


  1. And what about alcohol? Deaths, accidents, dependancy, blatant sale of alcohol in convenience stores in close proximity to schools, alcohol filled chocolates, parents who drink in front of their kids, fights, brawls and deaths that occur on a daily basis around bars and clubs. Isn't it the same? So why not ban alcohol? Nothing beneficial ever stemmed from its sale and use.

  2. 1s point tries to correlate the legalization of canabis to traffic accidents but the traffic accidents of colorado was already going up BEFORE legalization.
    Sinkie GAHMEN lie and put out misleading videos like this and still dare to jail others for "fake news"
    You're the FAKE NEWS HERE!!!

  3. Arresting people for watching movies while stoned, Playing basketball while stoned, Making good rap music while stoned, Playing board games with family without them knowing you are stoned, Eating Macdonald while stoned. while alcholics who are drunk fighting in clubs and throwing up gang signs and alcohol is still legal, How about cigarettes ?

  4. The stats are framed in such a way to create fear. How smug do you have to be that you'd assume many Singaporeans won't pick up on this. You basically came out with an advertisement targeting those lacking in critical thinking, which is very insulting. It's nice to see that with 30 likes, you couldn't even get your entire staff to agree with this video. Stop wasting resources on bs like this and focus on your real challenges, instead of pushing propaganda.

  5. LOL what is this propaganda bullshit, there have been no deaths related to Marijuana/Cannabis/Weed. This is not a gateway drug or even a "harmful" drug people dont just smoke weed and drive their fukin cars it's a way of life, a drug to relax to, in fact you can't get overdosed from it unlike other drugs. This drug has helped people with epilepsy, insomnia arthritis…the list goes on…

  6. Oh my god. Straight up propaganda?? CNB bought AD SPACE to SPREAD PROPAGANDA??? New low. NEW LOW. @SG government: you want us to fight fake news, but you're actively targeting us with fake news????

  7. To be honest, although I get that this ad is well-intended(trying to get ppl to stay clear of supposed harmful substances) but the delivery of the message isn't very well executed. Audience can tell right off the bat that the ad is using fear to try to deter them from harmful substances and it's pretty off-putting. Like less than a minute into the ad, you already feel turned off. Perhaps try a more educational way to deliver and target one consequence of harmful substance at a time and try to convince the target audience?

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