If Shiva Smokes Weed, Why Can't I? – Sadhguru Answers #MahaShivRatri2020

Sadhguru looks at whether Shiva himself used weed, and explains what marijuana does to the brain, while answering a question about whether smoking …


  1. Sadguru talks conclusively about things he has never ever experienced! That tells you the truth about him. And full of ego; every conversation becomes a comparision between himself and shiva. He has everything inside him, so there is no need for an environment around him, including food. Lets stop giving him food and see what happens to him!

  2. Everyone Is interested in experience than the experiencer…the day when the experiencer is prioritized and realized is when true liberation happens…..then even bliss becomes something unnecessary for an experience….

  3. If you are avoiding something because others are threatening you and bullying you to avoid it, or because everyone is yelling at you about how "wrong" it is, you're being just as controlled by that something as if you were dependent on it. Just as Sadhguru says with food: if you taste something, notice how your body responds. If it makes you more alive, more like the Self you are trying to become, then keep it. If it hinders your Consciousness or worsens your life, discard it. Peer pressure doesn't get you anywhere.

  4. I love how accurate this is but hate it at the same time. Being a weed smoker for 4 years has made me realize the side effects too. Of course I took breaks from it because I would get bored of smoking it often, but I still turn to it when in need for some peace. Yoga has given me a lot of peace and strength but I need to build a habit of doing it regularly so I don't keep going back to weed

  5. What sadhguru is telling is true. When u are in deep meditation, the pineal gland in our head, also known as the third eye gets activated and secretes DMT, which bends space-time, which creates pure bliss and an expansion of consciousness devoid of any materialism. This is the state where many great yogis existed

  6. weeed makes a little distance between consciousness and maya, makes u see that reality, is not so real and grounded, as u think……..it is not making u hazy, thats a lie……

  7. Shivji poison bhi piye the aap kab pee rahe ho…..kyun logo ka jeevan barbaad kar rahe ho……Mai to barbaad to hi gaya….tumhe sab dekhte hai guru maante hai……Mai jiss nashe ko choud nhi paa raha.. tum usse promote kar rahe ho….🤔🤔🤔😡😡😡😡

  8. If shiva smoked let him smoke dear, why do u want to smoke? He was a ganjjety, even u want to become ganjjety? If so then it's ok.. But remember to follow the word of God but not anyone else.

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