Hype About Medical Cannabis: Bunkum?

With Thailand becoming the first country in Southeast Asia to legalise medical marijuana, and Malaysia and Philippines considering the same, will more …


  1. Hello if have addiction in ganja, I think i long time relapse, I was in drc like last year but since i was under 18 i went to crc, There we can go school or work, And i dont have any withdrawals except home sickness and missing my family

  2. There is an abundance of evidence if you care enough to look. Cannabis is one of the most important plants in the world, not just medically.
    Cannabis, mushrooms and algae can solve most of the worlds problems today.
    The future is in rewilding and reforestation.

  3. Psychoactive drugs do help people with autism… why the fuck are you leaving that shit out?
    If the reason we have medical marijuana is because of money and propaganda, you're just propaganda.

  4. That so called doctor showed no scientific facts. He is against medical marijuana and so that is why he is speaking against it. How about showing the other side of the coin and interviewing scientists who are doing research and patients who are benefiting from it?

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