1. But Biden and Harris always flip flop I hope not what we need to get them to say is “I promise 100% I will do this with in this time frame” this is just to call votes he still want to place marijuana in the same class as coke, and force people into rehab.

  2. So without legalization at the federal level that will allow laws to vary by state. This means that anyone who is subject to drug testing will still have an issue in any state where recreational use is not allowed.

  3. Chalk one up for the Never Biden people!!! SEE HOW IT WORKS? Let 'em know you'll open the door to hell for them to facilitate helping them pass through and BANG, Biden Pelosi Clinton bots start to sh*t their pants. So keep letting 'em know YOU KNOW they are frauds. Force them to connect Iran/Contra to todays Prison Industrial Complex, full of CIA SUBCONTRACTORS who provided the CIA with the "black money" to run their destabilization and color revolution schemes.

    Declare drug dealers CIA SUBCONTRACTORS and treat them like Blackwater…let them go. And why not set up a boondoggle program that lets the govt launder money to the CIA subcontractors and keep them out of the "only game in town" in American ghettos. It's peanut money compared to the free money they give their friends at Think Tank Whatever Will Get Us Grifter Money Off The Govt…our motto…we suck at the govt tit…all day long.

  4. You seem to be a person who values human's life the most, it's priceless, you said it yourself once. Also, you seem to be promoting a healthy way of living, eating healthy, drinking water and all the stuff. Yet you're advocating drugs and alcohol, knowing that they are the cause of who knows how many deaths, and even more lives are ruined or permanently damaged because of drugs and alcohol. You are contradicting yourself, Andrea, which is, as you like to say, bizzare. Drugs and alcohol are not healthy. Learn this at last!

  5. I totally agree with you – this is actually a BIG DEAL and milestone. This can actually swing some young conservative voters to BidenHarris ticket even in ruby red states. I mean decriminalization is polling at 60% in USA right now – it would be imbecilic to not run on this.

  6. “I would vote for someone that says “. Yeah. People don’t get how big a deal it is simply to say you’ll do something. It gives the opportunity for us to try to hold their feet to the fire and moves the conversation in that direction.

  7. obama promised to decriminalize marijuana when he campaigned too. How'd that turn out? the democratic party always lies about legalizing weed leading up to an election. screw them. they're just a bunch of liars

  8. Idk about the weed thing. Sounds good. But I don’t want my taxes to go through the roof. And that’s for sure with a Biden presidency. Better play it safe investing in gold and silver smoking cigars and drink cognac.

  9. I have a rule. I wont vote for someone based on "campaign" promises unless they have taken effective action on a very important issue. For me my two are the war on drugs and traditional wars.

    So for 2016 both Trump and Hilary were not viable candidates.

    As for 2020 .. I call bullshit on this. Obama made a bunch of campaign promises and he did fuck all with them. Wont be fooled again. Kamala and Biden's position on the war on drugs issue has been very clear for decades. Then all of a sudden it changes? GTFO

    While Trump tries to play himself off as a "Peace" candidate he has really increased the amount of drone strikes. So where I think he's better than Obama here … he's not good enough to vote for.

    If you're a libertarian you will either vote libertarian or not at all because voting technically violates NAP.

    If you vote for Biden/Harris because of this you're an idiot.

  10. Biden and Harris have been creating policy that harshly punishes small time weed users for years. Kamala was already roasted about this during the primary debate.

    Dont expect them to legalize it, they say one thing and do another.

  11. Words are wind. They are ONLY changing their tune on Cannabis, because they are LOSING. Harris and Biden have been absolutely against legalizing pot their ENTIRE CAREERS, up till now? smh They spent their career criminalizing weed. Believing pathological liars is the mistake WE the PEOPLE have been making since Reagan.

  12. Biden/Harris are desperately hypocritical. Libertarians are loquacious snowflakes who cry about rights, but will never actually fight for them. They are sheep who LOVE A. Rand fiction, and would poison their drinking water because IT MA RIGHT!

  13. This is meaningless pandering, Eric Holder announced the feds will no longer prosecute marijuana crimes in 2013. It’s been decriminalized since 2013 for all intents and purposes. They have zero control over what individual states do as far as marijuana laws. So this changes nothing. If Trump signed executive order legalizing marijuana it would effectively do nothing, It is up the states. Even if it is made Legal federally, your state will still have to legalize it. All federally decriminalizing it means is the feds won’t arrest you. Your local and state police can still arrest you. They are saying this because it won’t change anything but uneducated voters like you get all excited. So clueless……LMFAO.

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