How will marijuana legalization affect the black market?

With marijuana legalization weeks away, Shauna Hunt speaks to an organized crime expert about what the move will mean for the black market and criminal …


  1. Who buys moonshine in a mason jar? I'm sure you could save money, but why? Just go down the street to the liquor store and choose from a vast amount of flavors and types and pay the slightly higher price.

  2. CityTv is the worst when it comes to Cannabis info.

    Because everything will be sold online in Ontario until next Spring the black market will flourish because when a smoker can either buy from a dealer in a few minutes or order online and wait days for it …they are going to pick the dealer every time.

    And here's a tip to CityTV.
    Time to get someone on the payroll that actually consumes cannabis and know the culture to report on these matters! Time to grow up and see it's no different than wine.

    The stigma must end with you first.

  3. napster was sold for 99 million and was played by DMX in one of his movies.
    you want the real truth, go to the comment section.
    cityTV won't send me a check, yet.
    for now its tid-bits for the community to research further 😀

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