How We Sprout Our Cannabis Seeds For 2019

It is time to get the garden going again for 2019, and that means getting the cannabis plants going first, as we want them to be a pretty good size before they go …


  1. i let 10 seeds in soaked paper towel in my cupboard providing heat and its day 3 and only about 4 of them have shown any signs of opening is there any point to keep trying with the others? 🙁

  2. Hello Hippie Geek and thanks for posting this brief yet very informative tutorial. I'm still grieving over the loss of some pricey seeds I tried to germinate inside a DIY outdoor greenhouse, so from here on out, I will always start my seedlings under LED lights indoors. Good to see you're getting good germination rates without going the paper towel route, as I have always been a bit leery about handling seeds once that fragile tap root is out. A good overnight soak for the seeds, then straight into the solo cups, is safest and simplest method for a klutz like me. This bud's fer you sir.

  3. Old hippie geek here. All you kids have finally inspired me to be self sufficient. Starting 2 dwc buckets and 2 coco coir bags… under led lights, botanicare pure nutes. Good vibes, wish me luck

  4. Hi Hippies,
    Afgani feminized self flowering.
    I germinated first in water18hrs then on paper towel.
    The tap roots grew aggressively. Almost 1" long.
    I planted the germinated seeds outdoors, in the ground, in a 6.5 ph special soil mix from a hip garden supply store.
    My questions are:
    A. I was advised by the seed website to plant into the permanent grow location to avoid damaging sproutlings when changing pots..
    I planted the girls at about 1 1/2" depth and lightly covered.
    So, if I accidentally planted a couple of them askew will they find their way up? It's only been two days and I'm already worried about the babies.

    B. I can't control humidity, heat or rain.
    There were 2 days of torrential rain and 85°
    No seeds broke ground yet.
    After how many days should I start to worry?

    PS: the soil mix did not have added nutrients but I did sprinkle some plant tone over the dirt. Is that okay?

  5. How do you know the seed sprouted you put a pic but I just saw soil, what’s the indicator that they sprouted am I supposed to see something popping out of the soil? I’m growing sour diesel first indoors the taking it outside once she’s a seedling 🌱

  6. Hej just found you, liked you and subscribed to you. I have grown almost everything in over 40 years but now with back probs i need to try out some medicinal cannabis. i am ordering seed in a week or so and want to get started on a home for them. Ny tips would be awesome help. I am working on a small budget.

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