1. Hopefully you see this and can maybe give me some advice… Im looking to test out CBD to aid mouth ulcers that i struggle with what are your thoughts?

  2. Your out of the 3 pack. Is there a rain check to get the special price? Also on your single cartridge except one flavor. I'am a new subscribe too and this was disappointing. I wanted to give this a try. Can you intervene? Thanks

  3. *** HELP*****What is the best cbd vape oil for me tried the 500 mg citrus from Alternate Vape didnt feel relaxed just felt the same is it the way im inhaling or do i need something stronger

  4. is it possible to add/mix 2 different vape oils together, a full-spectrum CBD vape oil (1500mg) to a high mg isolate (4000mg) vape oil??
    Is there a way of making my high mg isolate vape into a full-spectrum cbd vape oil without mixing the 2??

  5. I put CBD oil in a bottle of water, shook it up, and drank it. It takes longer to take effect but I did feel a lot less anxiety an hour later. I usually feel a lot of anxiety shopping in Walmart for some reason. The CBD helped.

  6. Thanks for this video. Ok, total newbie here – just wondering if need/should vape outside – does the exhaled substance sink into fabrics in your house and/or is it detrimental to people who share your living space?

  7. I don’t inhale and I have inhaled. Not inhaling works just as good for me. People don’t inhale cigars and still get a nicotine rush. I know cause I do that too. Great video!

  8. From what I have seen all these pens are recharged using a USB. How do I recharge if I font have a USB port. Not everyone in the world has a computer with a USB port. Surely there is an adapter for a regular electrical outlet.

  9. Hello Catherine, thank u for sharing this info. I’m new to CBD. I’ve been vaping for two months. I purchased from a company called healthy Hamp oil. They offer a starter kit from company called alternative Vape. Which comes with a Vape pen and a disposable cartridge. It comes with Vape pen from “Juniper” brand. Used it for about a month or so and after that it didn’t don’t wanna charge 😕 I had to call the company and asked for another one. Thank God they have 90 days warranty. They did sent me a brand new starter kit. A week later, the new pen 🖊 stops charging again 😩 I asked myself if I was doing something wrong? Any tips on the pens not charging? Thank u also this kit comes with 250mg but I also purchased a 500 mg Bottle of 15 ml from “Althernative Vape”. For vaping… however, can I also use this oil to place “under the tongue as well? If I don’t have a vape pen working and how many drops should take? Thank you 🙏🏻

  10. I’ve been blessed with tinnitus about two years ago. Also a bad arthritis knee from Hockey. I’m new to vape world I’m about two weeks in now I’ll have to say I’m impressed with CBD I’m using 300mg and 1 milligram last me all day while puffing on my tube throughout the day. In this short period of time my tinnitus has gone from a constant 8 to a 3 throughout the day. When I’m going to sleep I do hear it more but not as bad my body more relaxed. Now my knee I’ll say I definitely noticed a big difference when I don’t puff for awhile my joints kick in and say help me. But I’m excited to continue my journey with CBD. Like always great video keep up the great work.

  11. Thanks for great info . Just bought vape. Waiting on it to charge. I been on cbd oil only 6 days . Went up on mg . And noticed huge difference with pain , Fibromyalgia , lower anxiety , and no headache.
    Got vape for anxiety and hoping it helps with cigarette smoking. Like stop smoking the poison in cigarette!!!!

  12. I went to my local shop , I bought a 400 mg cbd shot with a pen came out to 60 bucks . I been using for like 2 days . I use it for anxiety mostly at work . It helps a lot . I noticed a change in my mood. There’s also low thc and high cbd edibles. Bomb

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