1. I’m looking for a safe cbd e liquid to vape. I read oils that contain PG and PEG are very dangerous and can cause cancer, but most oils seem to contain these. Any advice please?

  2. I reach this video by lucky, but i have to say that you answered me some question that i could find in many hours of searcing in google, going to forums, and watching Trailer of different products, good job and thanks!

  3. Where do Tinctures fit in and do think a % of THC, say 10 or 20, makes the CBD element more effective for things like chronic pain, spasticasy and sleep? Nice website by the way

  4. Now in the US cities, states, counties and even Trump are banning (Trump seems to have dropped it …for now) flavored nic salt vapes bc some kids got THC bad cartridges and got sick. I hope they dont ban CBD vape as well. It's getting way harder to vape at all in public, ridiculous, no matter whether nic salt or CBD. Our freedoms are being taken away. Much better I hear in the UK for all types of vaping.

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