How to use a cannabis vape pen with Dr. D

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial. I recently started on medical marijuana and the best thing ever. Kind of hard to know where to set the vortex and pressure.I couldn't find the right placement.♥️ Just subscribed.

  2. 'Vaping' is far more healthy because you don't produce carcinogens unless you hold the button long enough to produce smoke. Cannabis vapors are far less thick than smoke for that very reason. The "base" is a BATTERY and if you connect it to MOST such chargers or your computer, it will take a very long time to recharge that battery. Use a charging power source which can deliver at least one full amp of current (1,000 mA) or more.

  3. PS: To properly store your cartridge long term, is it best to store them with the mouthpiece facing up, back in it's original box with the sealed caps back on? I just want to be sure it is properly stored and will not leak. It is very new to us and we are learning,…thank you Dr. for your time and expertise.

  4. Thank You!! I’ve been online searching for info if cartridges can be changed while in use … just getting card in fla and didn’t know if it was kinda mandatory to buy pens for each strain … feel a lot more educated now!

  5. Those big EGO-T batteries are ancient and not used anymore. They now have way more discreet and thinner pens for these cannabis liquids. Unless you're vaping really thick oils, I recommend the iCare Solo. It's so small and compact. Very discreet too. But it likely won't work for thicker oils. I vape CBD liquid in mine which is pretty thin consistency and it works perfectly.

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