1. First decide what you want. The hard part is cutting out the distractions. People, places, habits. Don't beat yourself up if you stumble- take the day and back at it tomorrow. Before starting, sit down with yourself and say "This is going to suck." Accept that so you're not surprised or discouraged when it happens. Remember- humans built the pyramids, the difference between succes and failure is self discipline.
    Whatever you're trying for, you have the ability to get there.
    Also, it isn't too late. Better to be fighting for something you really want for yourself than accepting life you don't. Be good!

  2. I mean, the one on 10:18 , tumblr like every other site is about what you search for.I mostly use it for finding new fanarts and travel photos from all over the world.I can see why you can fell into the rabbit hole of "wokeness", especially there, but all you have to do is unfollow the toxic users and follow something more meaningful.

  3. I was in an abusive household. My father was constantly drunk, my step mother cheated on him and had two boyfriends on the side, my family made it a point to make me feel ostracized. I finally had enough, being constantly told they wished i was never born, being told I'd never be anything and that my existence was shit. Being called lazy and screamed at and threatened for things as simple as not picking up the phone in time or even sleeping in. I graduated medical school at 22, and a month ago, packed up everything I could into one bag and ran away with only a few dollars in hand and the clothes on my back. I'm in an apartment now on the opposite side of the country, with roommates I'd call my family more than anyone else, that saved my life. I'm 23 now, with my medical degree, recovering from surgery after shattering several bones in my foot and having one bone removed, and looking for a job; and teaching myself how to walk again without physical therapy. While my mental stability is now fantastic, my financial stability not so much. I don't have much work experience either, so I hope I can find something.

  4. Quit pot.
    Honestly, it was the most significant detriment to my life.
    I made it a priority to make sure that I would be able to turn myself around. I got a CDL license, and took classes, held down a job, paid rent until I relapsed and lost everything.
    I was unemployed for eight months after I relapsed.
    After eight months of feeling sorry for myself, a good friend gave me a lead to work off of. Cue four years later of working nonstop, and I can happily say that quitting pot and doing the right thing by staying active, learning from my mistakes, and committing to school is what got me off on a soundtrack. I always appreciate the support and extend it to whomever I can find.

  5. Well, years ago I wanted to be appraised but still never appraised. Just that I completely stoped looking for appraise. Because there's always more resentment from people than appraise, about my progress. Especially about and around people that are very self evolved. Learning and being street smart has helped me.

  6. Madly in love with a girl out of my league. I was unbelievably depressed. Knife to the wrist and all. Worst grades in class.

    I then realised no-one is coming to save and I decided to change things. Started studying. Stopped harming. Made good friends.

    I now have the best grades on class and a full paid scholarship to the university of my dreams.

  7. Getting addicted to drugs. You know the story. Its not what I lost but when I gained from addiction. My anxiety grew through the roof. My self-esteem is the lowest it's ever been and it's been over 3 years since I touched a drug. It's a process to get the mind back to the way it should be. Used drugs for 10 years, so it's not like my mind and body are going to go back to normal in a year. It's a process, hard work. Ill take these problems over drug addiction any day of the week b

  8. I'm getting there. Was pretty down for a good few years, after being assaulted and made homeless in 2017. Got a job in 2018 that lasted me until the start of 2020, but I didn't realise until after I was fired that that job was making me miserable. Being able to afford food was nice, but not having any time or energy for myself even on my off time was killing me. I'd let so many friendships dwindle to nothing and had no hobbies anymore. Since then, you'd think it'd be worse, with no job, but i'm finding myself again. I got on welfare, which lets me afford food again (my baseline for happiness apparently, haha), and I've spent time learning new hobbies. Discovered bookbinding, and realised I could see myself doing this for a living. I'm working on that part. But I'm getting there.

  9. Well im just on my way to try and change my life in some degree. I´ve allways hated running but last year before i turned 26 i thought to myself "Im in my prime, i should take advantage of it". So i started running, meditating and reading more. Since then i´ve already gotten a better endurance, im alot happier mentally and im reading alot more. I even tried and finished the dopamine detox today and can really feel like the need to be more productive. Gonna try and take things slow, improve my life, little by little. My life already feels better than last year so im gonna go forward and see how much better it can get with time.

  10. Wife and I are doing the "permanent vacation" thing right now. Sold our expensive home in an expensive city in an expensive state and bailed. Getting fed up with our corporate high-wage jobs in the high-stress, high-cost city at about the same time was the best thing that ever happened to us.

  11. Have not yet. But I'm 37 and making 32k a year. Every job that pays anything worth a damn requires a journeyman license or a 4 yr college degree.

  12. After getting into an argument with my closest friend at the time, and the only one I trusted fully, he kicked me out of his house, ignored my messages, and unfriended me on Facebook. It was then when I thought about how lonely I really was in the world.
    I thought about how I had a toxic attitude, getting mad over the dumbest shit, drinking and smoking like there was no tomorrow. I realized that I was getting no satisfaction out of life, nor was I going anywhere.
    I trained in a nother profession, quit my old job to get another one that I actually liked, I took different classes in college where I said "fuck it" and ended up befriending a lot of interesting people there. I changed my appearance and grew out a beard, which turned out looking perfect on me. I learned to talk to people, learned to fight and stand up for myself, learned to date, learned to behave more calmly in life's stressful moments.
    Then a few months later, I get a friend request on social media from my old friend, the one who kicked me out. I was reluctant at first, but ultimately accepted. We immediately striked up a conversation, we reconciled and acted like none of the bad shit that broke us apart ever happened. He moved to another state and his life also improved. After a couple months of talking and phonecalls, he finally came back to my city to visit and we hung out like old times.
    One year later, he and I are the closest friends again. I have a more positive outlook on life, I make more money with a job I love, I socialize again, I travel a lot more now, and I'm not as sensitive and asshole-ish as, I'll admit, I used to be.

    What changed me for the better was losing my friend through my own fault and the rethinking my life.

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