How to Tell the Difference Between a Male vs Female Cannabis Plant

Regular Marijuana plants reveal their gender in two situations: After spending a long time in the vegetative stage – some strains/plants will show preflowers …


  1. Thanks for the video, watched to the end – and I rarely finish anything – huge compliment.
    I do have a strange question I'm curious to know about (please don't make animal abuse comments as they would be so far from the truth). Has anyone ever heard of a cat being able to tell the difference between male and female plants? I've realized over time that my cat will only try and lick/eat the females during the first 4 weeks of growth. Males are not touched, ever. He seems to figure it out even before the "balls" are formed.
    Thankfully there's only another 7 weeks until legalization in Canada, although I would never buy it legally, I will however rent out my cat for a day, for plant segregation purposes only. My cat owes me 8 years of unpaid rent, food, medical and bah blah. Cheers….

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