How to Start a T-Shirt Business at Home | Key Things to Know!

Learning how to start a t-shirt business at home has never been easier than it is today. No longer do you need a ton of money, equipment or a facility to have a …


  1. What do you find to be the most challenging part to starting your t-shirt business?

    00:00 – Start

    01:23 – 5 Ways to Heat Press T-Shirts at Home

    05:18 – What Heat Transfers to Use When

    08:40 – Choosing a Start-up Heat Press & A2Z Overview

    18:27 – Talking About ROI (Return on Investment)

    19:22 – Choosing a Market & Type of Customer

    25:07 – Other Resources to Grow Your Business

  2. Good informative video, which heat transfer would you recommend for dark 100% polly shirts. Thanks in advance. Do you also have discount for a2z heat transfer machine. 🙂

  3. Oh also I just got my A to z swing a heat press. And it is not accurate with temperature. The left side gets almost 20° hotter than the right. Also the logo on the thing wasn't even put on correctly. The z is messed up. That's really unfortunate I was expecting higher quality. Not to mention you guys offer some of the smallest size gang sheets that I've seen. I work in the business and have used four other transfer companies with half the price and twice the gang sheet size.

  4. How is it only $7 for the garment transfer and labor. Your wholesale blanks, even for a Gildan 5000 cost approx $2.83, the first one color transfers for goof proof costs over $12, and then you have to add labor onto that. I don't think that those numbers are at all accurate. Unfortunately, I think I was slightly duped when I decided to get into this.

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