1. I was excited to find your video. I gave you a like and also tried to support you by following your Amazon link.
    The link no longer shows my SRM 225 model and says if my model isn't listed, don't order. Just a heads-up, I know there's nothing to be done about it. Thanks John.

  2. Hi John my ECHO GT 225 only use one season and it stop working so I watched your video And changed the carburetor and plug
    It start but then it dies down within seconds
    Any idea why it won’t stays on?

  3. Great video. Ended up replacing carb on my SRM-225 as well as a new spark plug, new air filter, and removed spark arrestor. STILL runs like crap above idle. Can the muffler itself be a problem? I haven't seen any self-help videos mention that. They're not inexpensive either.

  4. *Fuel Filter: The manual for my GT-200r says to use a piece of wire through the filler cap to hook the line and filter. I'm not sure pulling the grommet out was necessary.

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