How to Recover From Overfeeding Your Cannabis Plants

For more information, visit Overfeedng, like overwatering is not good for your cannabis plants. It is a waste of nutrients since …


  1. Hey guys . I'm a new grower on week 8 of flower in coco … I've been flushing 9 days now and leaves are still green as can be ( guessing I severely overfed ) . Is this going to effect taste and smoothness … and is there anything else I can do to get those nutes out of leaves ???

  2. I overfertilized because i couldnt figure out how much ppm to use. I found out the hard way. With a 400 watt light, no more than 400 during flower in weeks 5&6, the rest of the time, only 200 is the max. Ahh, but what about container size? The instructions on the bottle say 1 teaspoon per gallon. That equates to 500 ppm. Which is too much for 1 gallon pots, but probably okay for 2-3 gallon pots. The only thing I have found that makes sense is the grow boss perfect ppm calculator. My stupid mistake was not making a record of ppms that were used for good results. Okay, so now what do I do that I have flushed? Also, no consideration was given in your video, about what water to use, distilled, or tapwater and ph used to flush. And what do I do now, wait? How long before I refertilize, and should I start out with half the ppm normally needed. The devil is in the details. The instructions on the back of bottles do not take into consideration garden size, light used,etc. I understand, that its based on a 1000 watt light.

  3. Let me guess. They died? Lmao. Do some research before you flood them lmao. Not a good idea. You just took all the nuts out AND overwatered a overwatered plant! This is why YouTube is not always the answer. People will do what you did and not have them come back. You should have got it hot in there and blew some fans over them girls for awhile to try dry that shit out. Otherwise you gotta transplant into better media!! Fool.

  4. Your plants look like shit. Did you cut clones off them? Anyways use a heating pad to help dry out that soil indoors. I got a plant under a foot with over 18 branches or nodes of bud. Might post a video in 2 weeks.

  5. Three weeks ago I topped my plant for the first time. Everything is looking good, but I did notice the first set of leaves from the topping were sort of round & the second set looks normal. What causes this

  6. what's the ratio of water u give per gallon pot I was told 3x so if you're usin a 5 gallon pot you give it 15 gallons flush also would it be safe 2 use my backyard city water if I let the water air out over 24 hours so the chlorine can evaporate and should I worry about over watering my plants as well

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