How To Make THC/CBD Capsules – A Guide To Making Cannabis Pills At Home, Easy – BeeGreen91

Learn how to make cannabis pills, weed capsules, thc / cbd canna caps, with coconut oil and shatter, wax, oil, rosin, hash, keif, sauce, distillate, c02, extracts and …


  1. Decent Vid – Sarcastic Question: How do these help? They do not, sorry. You dissolved Distillate, fine I do it all the time but it goes into a Vape pen so the heat will decarb the distillate. If you just swallow distillate or dry weed without decarbing it – then no effect,,,Period. Warming the coconut oil and distillate does not decarb. THC becomes molten at 180 F,,,,,,,,,,,, Keep Trying tho!

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