1. Great information on all the videos, I subscribed!
    In regards to honey….considering we need some fatty substance for the important flower molecules to bind to, would the plan be to infuse coconut oil or the like then mix or blend it into the honey to have infused honey? Could this step also be done in the Ardent? So decarb, infuse the oil, mix with the honey, three steps on the unit or just use a blender to mix? Also, I suppose it really doesn't matter the amount of oil used as its more about the THC and/or other cannabinoids for dosing as well as the consistency and flavor of the honey. Once you have done the math you know roughly how much is in the oil that will be mixed in the honey and can dose accordingly..

  2. I used your code to order one of these. I can’t wait to get more out of the medical cannabis I buy. It’s still super expensive in my state and a 10 pack of gummies is $50 and one dose for me would be 2-3 gummies. Just can’t do that. I hope it’s sturdy and lasts. Thanks for the videos or I never would have known this existed.

  3. How long are the infusing times? Does it vary for different oils, butters and honeys? And is the ardent supposed to light up green when done infusion like when it's done decarbing?

  4. Can I put half a cup of oil and a 1/4 an ounce of weed and do this and then take the oil and put another 1/4 an ounce of weed and do it again and will that make it be more potent?

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