How to Make Marijuana Butter, Oil, and Other Infusions in the FX by Ardent Cannabis

The new FX by Ardent Cannabis is a multi-use cannabis cooking gadget that perfectly decarboxylates both THC and CBD, infuses marijuana butter, oil or most …


  1. YEA! Im leaning and so excited to use my FX. So…are you using this infused oil to cook with, massage, take by dropper as a tincture? All of it? Im going to watch more of you!

  2. after infusing, my oil was not green. Why? i have tried communicating with Ardent, but no response. is there a reason why my oil is not green and does it affect the potency of my oil? thank you

  3. I just got my FX and found your channel! You are awesome! I am wondering if you can answer a few questions! Can I infuse milk in the FX? How do you clean your FX? I am looking forward to your video where you will show how to bake in the FX! 🙂

  4. Hi Cheri! I use Avocado Oil for Cannabis infusion due to the Higher Infusion rate@ around 90%+ vs.olive,coconut, butter, ect. @ 80% due to the science of-better % fatty oils to infuse with the decarbed THC molecules & the Ardent-90%+ Infusion rate vs. the dicy' 70% oven decarb method.I feel I get a much more potent medicinal infusion with avocado oil. What do you know about the Ardent independent lab results of infusion rates of 90%+ vs. oven @70% if your lucky & Avocado Vs. Olive, Coconut, Butter, ect.-Paul

  5. Thanks Again Cheri for your Excellent explanation & education about how many ways All people can heal themselves with this Sacred Life-Saving Plant Medicine Cannabis! Always Grateful, Paul

  6. I have both The FX & Ardent Lift-"I Love Ardent for it's simplicity & maximum decarb & no chance of ruining medicine using dicy oven methods") along with the MB & have only infused with the Magical Butter–MB takes less time-1 hr for oils–which do you prefer for your infusions for maximum use of very expensive N.J. Medical Cannabis

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