1. Some people have conditions of the liver and it's not good to use this stuff made with alcohol.Heating it up releases the thc just like when people smoke it.The fire releases the thc.The way i got rid of my arthritis didn't get you high because it is cannabidiol.If i had used the thc that was on top of the water it would have made me high and i don't like the high.

  2. This will get your attention.I screwed up and used the tea.I took two oz's of cheap mexican pot and cooked it in a rice cooker with a cup and a half of water for 30 min's,strained it while it was hot through cheese cloth.Put the stuff in the frig overnight.I mixed the water or tea with hemp seed oil.I shook it and took a table spoon twice a day for four days.My arthritis went away the 3rd day.No symptoms for over a year now.There are 100's of ways to use thc

  3. Thank you. I really enjoyed your instruction. One question. How much of the good oil would you take per day? Would you use this as a daily tonic in the same amount as if you were combatting and illness. Thanks in advance

  4. Hemp, Sativa and Indica are what you think of as weed. But Hemp does not have a lot of THC. In fast it's so low that it can't get you high. 0,2% unlike sativa or Indica that have around 15%. If you know how to do it. Sativa or Indica can have over 30% of Thc. Now, can you imagine how being inteligent can make you even more high 🙂
    I don't speek English, hopefully you understod what I just said.

  5. Yes! The key for me is moderation, as I am quite a lightweight. Just sampled some fine chocolate THC confection, a tiny inch long triangle of it is healing my whole day. I hear it is excellent for easing insomnia.

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  7. …. after straining into a somewhat narrow and tall container put it in the refrigerator and let sit for several hours for the butter to harden. The butter will harden on top and underneath will be the separated plant material and water that was missed when straining. Now you have cannabutter/oil… enjoy and use responsibly.. A good idea is to test a small amount and wait and hour to see how potent your butter is.

  8. you can substitute other oils or butter.. the active ingredient in cannabis, THC, gets transferred into the fat in the oil/butter. different oils/butters will require different temperatures to cook. use just enough butter and oil to cover the weed material (if too fine it will be difficult to strain).. you can add water when cooking to help regulate the boiling temperature and to prevent the oil/butter from burning… if it gets too hot the oil will burn and the thc will be destroyed. strain.

  9. I think you'd be surprised the amount of cannabinoids in the whole plant. Even the roots have medicinal properties.
    This video isn't about RSO. And basically, all RSO does is make the dosage smaller. There are doctors curing conditions and diseases using raw cannabis. Lots of raw cannabis.

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  12. while rs has a vid with a handful of people having success, dont you find it off with the hundreds possibly thousands he supposedly helped that he has not one video log of bringing someone back from the bring or even a daily log of obesity reduction, etc. he claims to be n engineer, engineers usually document the piss out of everything.

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