1. Just a quick question… how high are the temps needed for it to decarboxylate and how much oil per gram. This is for a topical cream to help arthritis. Temps in farenheight please. Thanks

  2. I recommend using Ethanol for this process and getting your alcohol to -50 degrees, also freezing the plant material as cold as you can as well. Also stove top boiling off of alcohol is very dangerous with many of these methods. Rainier Distillers offers a device to recapture alcohol. You can get product up to 90-97% total cannabinoid count, and even make clear oil that is activated for edibles. The best part is you can get your cost per gallon down to about $5.00 using the Big Witch Herbal Extractor. Then you can recapture up to 90% of your ethanol for reuse. Way cheaper, healthier with a great product. With the 5 Gallon Weed Witch you can add temperature and, and add a feeder tank for automation allowing you to process over 100 lbs of plant material a day. http://rainierdistillers.com/product-category/witch-herbal-extractor/

  3. I am very happy to announce that the hemp oil is for real. Two years ago my wife was diagnosed with cancer and it was already in stage 4 before my wife got to hear of the cannabis oil. I had no hope what so ever because the doctors had told me my wife have few time left. I ordered online for the Simpson cannabis oil and it was delivered to me in 5 days of request along with the prescription immediately I started applying for 3weeks and the results was wonderful. Don't die when you have the cure right beside you. You can create your own cannabis oil but it would be best to contact the right source to get the right quality hemp oil. In my case my wife contacted ricksimpson98@gmail.com they helped me and I am for ever indebted to them just save your life by ordering for the hemp oil. contact : ricksimpson98@gmail.com if you can't extract your own cannabis oil.

  4. Hi Uptown, I recently obtained some CBD Coconut oil.  I've been taking it for back pain and also giving it to my cat who has arthritis and cancer.  We are both feeling a lot better!  Is there a different process for extracting CBD?  I am going to a dispensary today to get some high CBD/low THC to make my own first batch of oil.  Should I do anything differently?

  5. I NEVER smoke pot but I had to try something for my headaches, finally after 10 years of migraines at the age of 34 I've become a pot-head! Haha I need to learn how to make my own oil, so thank you very much for this video. I'll be making my first batch sometime in the near future, so any tips from ya'll would be wonderful! Good day everyone.

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