How To Make CBD Oil From Isolate

In this video I explain the steps to make your own DIY Sublingual Oil from CBD Isolate. For more information about CBD, from unbiased user reviews to …


  1. what is the most cbd isolate i can put in a 10ml of pg/vg and what ratio would the pg/vg have to be

    do you think its possible to create a juice that has 4000mg per 10ml without the juice crystalizing down the line

  2. Thank you for your reply. 2 more questions. 1 what would be a low, medium, hight, and max amount for cbd subliminal and vaping? Which would be better vape or subliminal? I know not to go too high just wanted to know starting point. The bottle15 ml is correct but didn’t account for the dropper

  3. I am new to cbd. I don’t want any THC due to testing and it makes me sick. Is all isolates 1000 mg per gram? And what does it mean 1000 mg on a 60 ml bottle from a shop? Also it said 99% what is the other 1%? May sounds dumb I am new. I have many chronic pain issues thank for any help

  4. You can also simply replace the oil with your vape juice, help it dissolve by putting the bottle in a hot water bath, shake it loads and vape to your hearts content. But I've noticed I get little effect from it. I know it's bad but I put like 160mg in a cigarette and omg the relief from anxiety is palpable. Hope that helps.

  5. Regular hemp CBD oil doesn't contain this much coconut oil. It's like basically vaping coconut oil majorly. And what if i want to purchase first cold pressed oil that has a hard form?

  6. If you want to mix it up squeeze up some into the air filters dropper few times as well as when closing it pinch the air in dropper so it done in some of the fluid this will prevent overflow and also mix up your solution

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