How to make cannabis rub (topical ,lotion,cream)

welcome to my channel and video . today i am making my own cannabis rub for sore muscles. this is my first time and it honestly went really well. i love …


  1. Hope it worked for ya next time you do it set stove to 250 for 40-50min bc I noticed when you opened the oven you can see all the the and end was vaping off but good video stay cute 🙂

  2. The only time you decarboxylate your weed is if you’re looking to remove the (A) from the THCA which is the medical side of marijuana to the psycho tropical side of Marihuano which is THC
    So if your objective is to make an appointment to relieve pain you do not decarboxylate

  3. DECARBOXYLATE!!!! How do want us to take you seriously if you can't even pronounce a crucial step in manufacture? You seem like a sweet girl but you come across as a moron. This is serious stuff you're dealing with.

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