How to Make Cannabis Oil (RSO) at Home with Rick Simpson!

They it don’t like when I share these do it yourself videos… But It’s not all about money… ‍♀️ Profits should never be placed over helping and educating …


  1. Can someone help I’m really thinking of making the RSO for two family members one lung cancer and the other has a brain tumour,

    Q1 Will it cure these cancers

    Q2 how many ounces of weed will I need?

    I’m sure it states that an ounce will make 3-4 grams of oil, at £200 an ounce this would work out quite some money past my affordability


  2. I used this on my dad with stage 4 brain and lung cancer. He was given 2 months to live. His body was riddled with cancer. I dosed the fuck ojt of him 1 month in. 9 month's later he was 97.3 cancer free only had a tiny bit but it was incapsated by dead cells. The cancer couldn't feed off him. I now make this for several ppl. Fuck big pharma. No money in a cure only bs treatment.

  3. I am giving RSO to my aunt who has recurrent liver cancer… till now she had received 25 grams in first month… however, her tumor is growing… can anyone help me to ascertain the problem? Why the tumor not receding and why it growing?

  4. How much do you get from a pound of bud and what’s the thc potency since he has advised 98 to 94 percent thc potency what is the other 2 to 6 percent in oil called CBD or is that another process as CBD is supposed to open the gate fir thc to attach to cb1cb2 receptors in the body

  5. Why treat the symptoms with CBD, when you can heal the ailment with pure THC? Don't make any sense to me, that people don't know the cure is in those trees… not just symptoms to be relieved,,, health & wellness can be achieved… It's a miracle beyond belief…Now you know just where to find relief…..avoid the grief, a lot of you know more than me……So, stand up. Your'e the key

  6. chemo has a 3% save rate n here in canada the dr can buy it anywhere he wants hisself n the amt he pays is not what he charges u he can charge whatever he wants, what other drugs do drs buy like this none that i know of

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