How to make Cannabis Oil at Home with Isopropyl Alcohol and a Smartstill

How to make medical THC CBD Cannabis oil using 99% isopropyl alcohol and a smartstill at home. A smartstill isnt necessary but does help in reclaiming the …


  1. No way the trim would have made even better extract also more to .see the THC is in the trim still after harvest so in the trim to thee buds have a according half to half or one third the amount of CBC in them so long story short FAILURE

  2. Cool info thanks heaps. Having friends who have been diagnosed with cancer will most definately go out of the way to do this, under the radar.
    What pisses me off is the stigma marijuana carries, and stoners looking at this to get off their faces rather than thinking about the many benefits, of!
    Childhood epilepsy, seizures, alzheimers, dementia, long list of awesome healing benefits PROVEN!
    Yet all the stoners think off is themselves and fucking it up for those who need it the most when their health turns to shit, literally.
    Not a troll here people, but for crying out loud this is for medicinal purposes, not to fill up your car with Labrador smoke???

  3. Hi, the Isopropyl ehtanol I can find in stores are used for removing staines on clothes fx. Is it sure that this can also be used to produce CBD oil, without it being dangerous to person who eat it´s health? (sorry for my weird english)

  4. looks way to green for my liking.. u NEVER want your flower to sit and soak in the iso (or other solvent) as it will pull more then the thc out.. ALWAYS pour over the flower and collect in separate jars IMMEDIATELY (just repeat this step 2-3 times to insure maximum collection). then carry on with the process..

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