How to make Cannabis Oil

Come learn how to make Cannabis Oil with “The Dizzy Grower”. This video is for educational purposes only and is intended for mature audiences over 21 years …


  1. Very poor and drawn-out explanation as well as calling certain tools an incorrect name I would not recommend this video or this process as there is a much simpler way as well as significantly cheaper process but you would need a highly ventilated area but it is worth it compared to this method please do not waste your money and your time do some research on your own you can cut your costs significantly and Save massive amount of time and come out with a better product. I would encourage people to look at alternative ways love making oil this is a highly expensive time consuming and wasteful method yet it is the safest. That being said if you have common sense and understand the dangers of making oil the old fashioned way which is also the best way then I would encourage you to stick to it if you are a newbie or beginner maybe you're better off pissing away your money rather than lighting yourself on fire otherwise if you're not an idiot and recognize the dangers you can keep yourself 100% safe

  2. I was happy to see a new video till you name dropped a item for sale in the first 1:21 seconds… You do not need a Extract Craft to make cannabis oil folks you can do it for free with no product placement!

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