1. Story with this recipe:
    I live in a dangerous conservative household in a small hilly town in India and it's difficult for me to smoke/make brownies coz that's just too risky/takes to much time. So I went with this recipe. I started off at 12 in the night
    It took me 35 minutes to make this (like a minute or two to spread Nutella and butter and weed on crackers) and I put it in for 30 minutes (first 20 minutes at 160°C and the next ten at 130°C). I was scared of the slightest of sound that could wake up my parents so I had to be like very, very quiet. It came out with a slight burnt taste but it didn't smell of weed like at all. Only the cracker when opened smelled slightly but not the oven or the room. I ate it and put everything back. I was getting really impatient after like 25 minutes because I just wanted to get high.
    Around 45 minutes it started to kick in in waves. At one hour I was like whaaa and around two hours my eyes got really, really red. I was enjoying myself but I'd recommend if it's your first time, use less weed than you think you should.
    Anyhoo the experience was mad chill. I was kinda sorta high even 12 hours later when it had worn off but not completely.

  2. Question for experts from a beginner:

    I vape my weed and saved my ABV up. Can I just get all that ABV and sprinkle it on crackers that have Nutella on them and bite straight into it and it’ll be the same? Or would I have to cook the crackers again even though it’s ABV?

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