1. If you do the math you could have a whole kit from Amazon with replacement filters compared to the price of the materials for this project. Cool idea, but kills the idea if it's just as expensive as an already finished professional product

  2. Thank you! The filter I bought doesn't say activated carbon but it is black. I don't have the containers or granular stuff yet. I think I will be using my current cardboard box with 2 sides cut out that fits onto the exhaust hole. It is too flimsy though I am going to try to reinforce the edge with popsicle sticks and hot glue or silicone. I purchase two 7" For Living fans from Canadian tire as my in/out for now.

  3. I made one of these to make a gross bathroom smell better. Tupperware containers bolted onto each other and then filled with activated charcoal. Worked a treat. This looks great as well!

    Might have to make another one for cannabis grows as well (even though it's legal in Canada).

  4. Nice job! The "pre-filter" on the lable only means it's goes before the filter, it doesn't contain any carbon, it only filters large objects, like the panyhose is doing. In your case the pantyhoses will be sufficient and save additional cost from the pre-filter and straps etc. A basic 4" carbon filter is only $65, so spending $50 on this isn't worth it, but re-activating the filter or adding the activated charcoal, like you have in the jar would save cost. Stick the top of the inner white bottle through the bottom of the cut black piece, so that there is a lid for both ends, and then you'd be able to fill the carbon fully once assembled.

  5. Keep in mind that a pro version is like 100 bucks… I get diy, im a diy kinda guy, just seems odd. Container sizes worked very well, it looks huge! Im not sayin it wont work. Gave me diff ideas though.. Thanks!

  6. I dont recommend using the PVC glue. That makes it impossible to open it up and replace the carbon. Just make sure the caps have a tight fit that's all you need. You dont need to have a glued together filter.

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