How To Make 99% PURE CBD Crystals

Okay so here is the slightly updated version of how to make CBD crystals! Henry included a little bit more information about the process, however it does get a …


  1. The molecules don't separate because of their size. He said big molecules, little molecules. They separate because of the various effects the solvent system and the solid phase has on the mobile phase, where the mobile phase is the mixture you are trying to separate. The solid phase is the sand. You want to choose a solvent system that will allow a greater distance between the THC and CBD phase as it runs through the column. It has to do with polarity and a few other factors. What he is doing is called flash chromatography, which is column chromatography with the use of air pressure to force the mobile phase through the solid phase. Also, depending on the solvent system, it is possible for the order of the molecules to change–he said CBD will come off first, but that wouldn't be guaranteed as it depends on the solvent system. I am not familiar with weed chemistry, so I cannot contribute any solvent systems that would be helpful, but I am sure those are readily described.

  2. Hes either trooling , or a victim of dunnin kruger syndrome , either way sand will not just stop what you want. Cbd and thc are both very complex but they are both non polar cannabinoids and they are in there own right also very similar , expecially when it comes to psyical prop like BP , MP , and !!souability!!! .. Plus his "specialized equipment" could mostly be bought at and hobby lobby and Amazon … Long story short dont even listen to this idiot . if you want to make extracts Successfully jus get a high school chem book and flip to the chapter about solubility and molecular polarity also do a bit of research about boiling points in near perfect vacuum.

    Ps: seriously its simple chemistry , dont consider doing what this jagoff did on the vid , as few good day of research and the right starting hemp (biomass of choice) you could be toutering this fool on how to do an extraction – remove lipids+fats – vacuum fractional distillation to seperate the otherwise inseperable; terpene fraction ~ diol/alcohol fraction(cbd+cbn) then finally the canibinoids with the higest boiling point THC +THCn+THCa.

  3. Have you tried with a single cup coffee maker? Take it apart, reroute the water lines and add your chromatography tube along side of the machine with an additonal water line routed from the bottom of the tube into the drip spout. Utilize the water pump as a pressure pump. Pressure may be an issue, or pump timing. Find the pressure or low water switch and cut it away from the pump and add a switch to it so it doesnt stop automatically to hopefully keep the oressure for the tube. Love the idea of building a consumer Oil maker!!! Dont even think it would be that difficult. Just a thought 🤷‍♂️😊 awesome videos. Love the ingenuity!

  4. hi endoca, big fan, loyal customer. still a bit confused how to use my crystals. just ran out of 50mg raw cbd caps and raw oil 150mg so will experiment as i purchased crystals in bulk but never figured out a comparable dose- any advice? my current pain mgmt for crippling rheumatoid arthritis is 10mg raw cbd cap in am, 150mg raw oil-4-6 drops- midday, 50mg raw cbd cap at night and hemp cream hands and elbows… endoca helped me reduce my rx.oxycodone 75% in about 4 weeks… thank you for that. =^..^=

  5. We put our extraction machinery online here in New Mexico. 50,000 lbs of input material every day. Roughly 2500 kilos of winterized crude production daily. 💪 Distillate to the same capacity by March, 2020.

  6. Cool video man but I've a question – how do we know when to stop the pressure on the column to only collect the CBD, how do you know where the CBD ends and the THC begins, else it will surely just mix back? Thanks bro

  7. you need a whole chain of coffee machines. one is not enough.
    connect them in series for volume or connect them in parallel for speed.

    that way you can scale up to the preferred VOLUME.
    again: one machine would be simply underpowered

    I would suggest to start with 6 machines that´s a good balance between price and output.
    that way you can keep the cost low and still have a decent production.

    you can start with CHEAP ones. don´t need to go crazy with top brands from Italy.
    unless you are rich and care about style vs cost. LOL

  8. 🤔 Any links to your R&D department? There's a cure to the task 😊
    But when you say "coffee maker" it opens a pallet of cans of worms 😁 but it is doable.

  9. I don’t have access to nmr at the moment, and my TLCs are a mess. Wondering what solvent system you’re using and what the r.f. of CBD and THC is for you? I’m running 10% EtOAc/Hexane, but I’m getting some streaking spots.

  10. Have you guys tried liquid extraction if you did with what solvent? Also curious about what sand is used. Reason for askin, very few people have access to GC equipment to ensure how much thc goes through. Thanx for the video.

  11. you do know there was a type of this crystal called "star gazer"   in the 60's . few know how it was made but I do , I made some of it a year ago and its nothing like what your doing with the coffee machine, I still have about 1/8 of a teaspoon of it about enough to get 50 people to the moon …. but it makes the same product in hard rock crystal some of it will be as clear as glass . and one grain the size of a grain of sugar will be a max dose …its made with just water and skill … if you want to know how its made let me know …I would like to have it tested some day to see how pure it is … I can make it with out heat or solvents …old school breeder skills …let me know if you can test this and see how pure it is … I only use the 1969 AB1399 cannabis strain to make it .. 70 % Vietnamese's wide leaf Sativa with a native Thai  back ground ,male dominate OLR  hybrid ….one grain the size of a grain of sugar  under the tongue will make you trip your ass off …lol   hard core pure THC crystal  the low cost way … takes time and know how and skill …your going about it all wrong dude .. think hippie wisdom … much easier !………. is this THC or CBD..?  I just know this is how they made " Star Gazer "

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