Growing equipment can get pricey, especially if you’re constantly replacing things in the garden. How can you avoid it? Take care of your s**t! Sounds easy, but …


  1. Just one thing… the care instructions on your ph pen. Milwakee 600 you can not store in reverse osmosis or distilled water. Plain tap water is actually the best. And don't trust reading from this pen if testing plain ro/distilled water.

  2. I've got a 4 x 4 x 6 I built using pcv pipes and reflective insulation. The top is open but I have it my shed so it still kind of sealed but not. I dont have a carbon filter or any ducted work since it is outside but I do have 3 fans, 1 oscillating, in there for air flow. I have 6 plants… yikes I know… with only 3 showing pistols. The others look like female but it's just so damn hard to tell because they all are not where they should be for plants in the 3rd week of flower. I have a 1500w bestva double chip in there but I'm starting to think it's not enough for them. I'm using fox farm nutes in half fox farm ocean soil and half coco soil. Recently started adding flower fuel to them every feeding and recharge which I use every 3 weeks. I also read it may be leaked light so I'm going to throw a tarp over the tent so it'll be totally dark with no possible light leaks. But I just don't know why they aren't where the should be for normal ladies in the 3rd week of flower. I mean they look how the looked in veg. Sorry for the long comment but y'all got any advice? This is NOT my 1st grow but it is my 1st with this many plants.

  3. realtime ph temp and ec meter gets buildup added too much ph down and almost pumped 3ph water in dwc because of it . I do ph double check w pen and strips once week. If have ac clean the filter and get dust off ac fins w toothbrush

  4. What up. I had to switch from using tap water in my my humidifier to using RO water. My garden was getting covered with calcium deposits and my carbon filter cover literally got clogged with it. I had to remove the cover and wash it out and reinstall it. We have really hard water in Vegas. Don't drink the tap water here. It tastes like shit. I even hate cooking with it.

  5. I live in a country where they will put me in a cage for years – What can be done if your power goes out? Not a sealed room, conventional room with carbon filter air extraction. Obviously if you're at home you can fire up a backup generator to the extraction fan but are there any passive steps you can take to contain odor permeation that will last while at work?

  6. As a Maintenance tech, I really appreciate you guys bring this subject up. One thing I added to my indoor grow was a air purifier. Not only does it keep your fans cleaner, but it also slows the spread of mildew and mold.

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