1. I like the smell of my own farts. Now, is there any way to eliminate all other odors, but leave the savory, rich smells of my farts intact? Dutch ovens work pretty good, but i like to smell them even when I'm not in bed. Thanks

  2. Sick ass video! NEW SUBSCRIBER Salud from Mexico. Quick question. Is it okay to just have the exhaust fan and carbon filter without ducting into another room or outside? I cant cut any holes in the wall st my apartment .

  3. Do you usually dry your bud in a growing tent? I’ve been curious about how to dry the flower after harvest without stinking up my house, I would like to dry the bud outside the grow tent so I can keep my grow perpetual, but I haven’t really heard of a good way to keep smell down

  4. Very informative. Love your channel. I have yet to see a video on the best ways to discard the unused portions of the plants. Some regions are still cracking down like they're fighting the good fight against reefer madness. Got any advice? Or would rather just surprise us with another cool mf video?

  5. We used to clean air in the asbestos abatement trade by sealing off all air flow in a room with plastic sheeting. Then, we would make a point of entry for air; and a point of exit. At the exit point is a wind sucking machine that pumps air outside through a tube. particles of asbestos are trapped in the wind sucker filter. I imagine the same principle would work for pot farming; only replace the filter with activated carbon. Will this work? If I can relate to something in my past I can do it.

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