How to Germinate a CBD Hemp Seed (Start Growing Cannabis from Seed)

Kristy Hébert, co-founder of Cypress Hemp, explains step-by-step how to germinate high quality CBD hemp and cannabis seeds, using standard 3″ deep …


  1. Will there be risk of highdr thc if I grow seed from cbd flower . I dont want to have thc become high in the plant only cbd and what are some way to ensure only cbd in plant.

  2. Hi there ! It’s been 7 days that i’ve planted my cbd seed and it doesn’t seem to sprout. The earth and soil are very good i know for a fact (îve made lots of other germination out of this soil) . Shall i be worried ?

  3. I put the seeds in a glass of water for 12 hours until they sank to the bottom but did not open, I put them in the ground even if it does not have the root out, how long it should come out ?

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