1. I don’t know if I agree with you about the smoking of marijuana because any smoke is going to cause by products that will lead to lung cancer. tobacco is also a plant. I believe smoking through a pipe would be healthier because it does filter out some by products. It will agitate my throat and lungs when I do smoke it. I’m just trying to come up with a way to get it inside my body without having to smoke it. I have made canna butter which I like a lot.

  2. this is such a great video! i've been struggling lately with my relationship with weed recently because i am starting to reconnect with the plant after a long break and being quite dependent on it, and i don't want to become dependent again. i think the stigma of weed also gets in my head, with the fear of becoming lazy, un-productive, etc. you nicely summed up how sometimes it IS important to take a step back, and connect to the divine feminine. thanks again for the great video, subscribed!

  3. Thank you for this video Kathleen! extremely helpful.

    I have noticed my relationship with marijuana start to change recently, especially with how i used to be dependent on it for my happiness. I would sometimes think that marijuana was limiting me (because of my own struggles with addiction) but i realized that it was more so I was just letting my subconscious take control after smoking. i love how you explain that weed really is just a magnifier and lets you accept what feelings are true to you at that moment. I've slowly started setting intentions before i smoke and the results have been life changing. Perspective/ individual mindset is probably one of the most important things in life in general. where you place you attention is where you place your energy. anyway enough of my rambling. thanks again. sending love and good vibes your way.

    ps. your eyes are lovely. so captivating.

  4. I love CBD only products.
    Takes away pain and helps relieve stress.
    But for some reason I can't do THC because it always makes me anxious, paranoid, wired and very negative.
    Thanks for the informative video.

  5. Specifically taking a drug like cannabis because you have anxiety is terrible advice. You should instead deal with your problems. Maybe your job sucks or your relationship sucks. Take positive action to deal with it, quit the crappy job and give the finger to the boss. Dump the loser you are living with and move on. Taking a drug may dull you to the pain but it won't make the changes that perhaps you need to do to eliminate the problems. My advice is use your head and learn meditation,, a much better way to look inside. Use cannabis recreationally for fun but do not depend on it, or any drug, to solve your problems.

    The rest of the stuff she says here is BS, completely unscientific. Feminine yin energy, genital energy, plant telling her things and cannabis reducing cancer is all crazy. Of course she admits she does Reiki, which is total nonsense, so that explains it. Currently there is no peer reviewed science to back up most of what is being said here. Beware internet gurus.

  6. kathleen now that i´ve set an intention that i wanted healing from bad energy, it´s showing me enlightenment like when i tried magic mushrooms.
    it showed me how much im holding to my ego and it helped me to let go. i want to live my life awake, and with practice of meditation and let go of my ego in the moment i can stay awake. thank you for the beautiful message.

  7. this really helped me. i´ve had bad toughts about it because i started consuming daily and i always judged myself and the weed, i stopped consuming for a time and yesterday when i smoked again i had very bad thoughts before consuming and that´s what i was feeling intensely while high, but i also got to experience so much amazing things where i understood that it has enormous power to expand conciousness. now i will try it again because after this video i just got more confidence that my intention is important. thank you for bringing up more clearness in my mind.

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