1. The best thing I've found, is just having a fan going immediately after you finish smoking! Don't having it going while your smoking it'll make your weed burn faster! But open up a window and turn on a fan and your good!

  2. You can use the shower cleaner. Mr bubbles you know the foaming can cleaner. Spray on wait like thirty seconds and then wipe with a damp micro cloth or magic eraser no paint needed in my case.

  3. this is a strange question but i live in a place were they drug test apartments and was wondering how long does marijuana residue stay on walls i have heard it will stay around for up to 1 year is this true.

  4. I actually feel kind of dumb asking this, but what's wash all?. I can't find it anywhere.. do you know how to clean textured/popcorn ceilings? I'm helping a friend clean one of her spare rooms with one of those ceilings and we just don't know how to clean it. I've seen someone use TSP and a paint roller and go over the ceiling a couple times. Letting it dry in between. This room I'm helping her clean has only been smoked in for 1 year. There's a slight discoloration but I don't think it's enough to have to strip the ceiling

  5. Hi thanks for the info, That's interesting that you compare marijuana residue with cigarette smoke when the two are completely different from one another. I am pro medical cannabis, I imagine the problem this guy mentioned is a combination of nicotine and marijuana, marijuana alone isn't the same. 🙂

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