How I Feed All My Cannabis Plants. Revised Nutrient Mix. #GeneralHydroponic #GorillaGlue

Super easy and effective feeding method for my Cannabis Plants. Works for autoflowers and photo period plants. The water to run off is great for soilless …


  1. Hey bill I appreciate your hard work in these vids. I have a question. My tap water is about 10.0 ph. When I add the MaxiBloom it goes down into the 4s. Do you not bring the ph back up? I assume that if yours is at 7 out of the tap it must bring it down to 1! Your plants always look great but whats the PH after you add the nutes? Thanks and keep up the good work…

  2. You make some great videos Bill!
    any reason you dont mix a bigger batch, like 10gal+ in a barrel, if you are watering that many plants everyday? Seems like a ton of work to mix 2 gal pot, water 1 plant, then remix another pot, etc.
    also, if you do longer veg and mix the maxigro and maxiveg, is it a scientific half scoop of both?

  3. Hi Bill. Firstly thank for your sharing knowledge. Just double check you only using 2 ingredients the whole time from Vege to the flower ?! Same method all the way ?! I’m a bit confusing on this. Thank you

  4. Bill bill bill bill bill lol hope all is well. Just joined your patreon…well deserved. I currently just popped some autos & am using a 50/50 coco perlite mix. You keep the autos in the solo cups for 2 weeks before transplanting? Also during those two weeks are you feeding just plain PH water no nutes? Have so many questions man hope you have time to answer back looking forward to your response!

  5. I am a big fan of General hydro maxigro and maxibloom as well. They are as good as anything on the shelves. If you are a fan of dry nutrient however I highly highly recommend you try vegbloom.

  6. You need 50% run off to have any type of flush. The pot wouldn't be soooo salty if you were flushing the old out. You're just building up tons of salt. Your product looks pretty decent, so I am not trying to knock your method but I am very surprised that you don't spend the small amount of money for calmag and PH down.

  7. Hey Bill thanks for showing us your videos you seem to be really knowledgable in all aspects of growing marijuana I do have one question for you I was wondering if you could make a video on the nutrients you use to grow marijuana plants from start to finish and why you use each one. I am a novice grower And you seem to be the man to go to with a lot of answers
    I am currently growing zskittles auto flower for my first crop we could really use some advice on fertilizing schedule I’d appreciate your help thank you Bill


  8. Guys I have a question!
    Autoflower White Widow. These all had a rough start as the tent company sent bent poles and had to reorder. Some look amazing some have very few crystals- of course it seems these are the bigger plants! Why? They were all treated the same. Why some great, others look amazing but few crystals. Can’t figure it out. Thoughts?

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